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I can't let myself get long in the tooth. I'm going to a big ART opening tonight, and I'm worried people might want to come to my house afterwards.
I've got to drop this little tale before I forget. Just the other night, I was sitting at a bar in Michigan City. This big black guy next to me keeps talking about how he lived with Michael Jackson, has known Stevie Wonder his whole life, and works for 50 Cent. I assume that anyone talking at a bar is lying. Sometimes when people ask me what I do, I tell them I'm a butler. Eventually, I realize he's wearing a $30,000 watch. He starts showing me pictures on his phone. Sure enough, it's him and Stevie Wonder, him and Michael Jackson, Him and Janet Jackson, Him and Snoop. I'm starting to believe him. He keeps mentioning his father, the minister. It comes out that he's Louis Farrakhan's son. He shows me his license. It says Farrakhan. Next thing you know, we're calling Stevie Wonder's voicemail. To recap, I was sitting in Michigan City with Louis Farrakhan's son calling Stevie Wonder's voice mail in the middle of the night...
He's the guy on the left.

For Mz. Yo, who happens to be out on love herself...

Pictures from China
... (Don't click on the the cat picture... Trust me.)

Supercute pudgey black boy with a Southern accent describes a fight he saw in a movie
... If you don't at least grin, then you have no soul.
Supercute tiny Chinese girl without a chinese accents sings a song on Chinese Idol... If don't at least grin, then you have no soul.
If you have no soul, then maybe this is in your wheelhouse...

MP3 site I like
... While you're at it.
Egypt Is The Magick #

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