Re:John Lennon's Primal SCREAM Therapy Sessions Bootleg

I was thinking about the beatles today. I generally avoid talking about them. I'm not what you'd call a fan. Nothing against them, they're just not my bag. Agrufulis just entered the sinister phase 2 of SQUIRM Laboratories... I never noticed labor in that word, which is strange, because I'm always subdividing words into 2s and 3s, based on what I've heard. Anywho, He was talking about assembling a choral singalong, which I thought would be fun to do Queen ad infinitum overdub-style with his new mastering software . The random musing about Agru and I having a hippy hootenanny with ourselves collided with a half-remembered daydream about having all of my friends doing a covers album for me to take to Europe... THE Europe. What song would be so much fun with which to have a singalong?
For the longest time in my musical development, I was really held up with a reactionary dissent to POP. A whole-hearted immersion in classact Jazz, like MonkMingusMiles, went along with them on into the 70s (will someone turn the tamboura down, please?). To get it out and prove to myself that I knew where it was at, I tore my earswithyears of Derek Bailey, Anthony Braxton, Albert Ayler, Coltrane Quartet with Pharoah, Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor (Long after Buell Niedlinger and the AMAZINGly forward stuff from the 50s. Do yourself a favor.) coming out on stage replete with his new age wizened dreadlok sunglasses inside at night I'm just gonna scream at my piano Improvisational Dance Naughtynaughtykitty who's-a whatzitbizness... From the right angle with the right lighting, I can still dig lots of that stuff, but then I really started digging on Tom Waits, and so much of his stuff is broadway. The strings on his first albums are sappysometimes. That doesn't mean that I don't sing along and go all weak in the knees like a 13 year old girl at a... well, Beatles concert.
I think Maybe I'm Amazed by Wings would be fun to sing. Fuck the Beatles.

I'll drop a few more

After the first of the year, go HERE and press CTRL + D...

I'm walking through walls.

Get out of my way. It's Awful early, and I'm feelin' Surly. Jesus! When did I start channeling Waylon Jennings? Here's the Situation. My parents went away for a week's vacation... Sorry, but I have to (OCD) do that when anyone says here's the situation, which I actually only typed. I'm at work. I disconnected the connection at my house. I won't have access here for much longer, either. I'll do what I can to drop another post or two before I split Czechside.
I've been worn thin by this region's propensity for circumstantial misplacement. These dark Amish woods have bad juju. It's more obvious the closer I get to getting. A thousand teeny claws are a-popping from this gravesite, in an attempted Lilliput on my Brobdingnagian Ass. I woke up to a voice mail from the #5 this morning. I can't think of anything that has made me feel better in the last year. He called to tell me 12:22. It's a little thing, but it lit a fire. By the time I got to work, I was talking Trooper's ears off. I was strong. I was once and fully ready to rock.
I feel like Adam Sandler in Punch Drunk Love when he faces off with the Mattress Man. "I have such Strength."
I'm about to give away all of my stuff, like in Brother Sun, Sister Moon. Beyond the book and music objects, my wheat has additional chaff. I've been dining with Lord Humphrey for tootoo long to feel this fat. What I'm trying to say I've learned is that I interpret far too many Lessons as being Messages.
Put that in your mouth and chew it. I've got to work.