Steve Gutenberg's bible

Have you seen The Boys from Brazil? Steve Gutenberg is a Wiesenkampfian sleuth, who stumbles across a post-WWII plot by Nazi scientists to clone lil Hitlers... Well, just look at this Repubichristian's family album and tell me what you think.
By Oakland Chapter Fan Club Prez, Corky, is apparently guesting on Ricky Gervais' new show. Watch a clip!
My Friend, KRS-10, used to live with a gay Monkey. Little fucker guzzeled this stuff by the gallon...
Is it me, or does Basque sound just like Japanese.
HAHa, just click here... {via Kuulnyuuz}


Agrufulis & Pickles Picture

I've been doodling, and thought this pic of my TO posse wasn't all bad.

Do you remember these friends from childhood?
While I'm shouting out to plas that aren't corporate icons, Give these Luworm Joints a spin.

Does Karl August sound like a guitar player's name? I think it sounds like a Cat Burglar...

Conrad Newmolmes has a website!

Conrad Newholmes is actually Smaze1. Find out more for yourself...


Video of Brad Pitt and Ed Norton playing acoustic guitar and singing about the joys of their penii... {via Tha Fiddlah}
Kaada posted live Patton/Kaada videos... I don't post much about General Patton, because I'm such a slut for him, and I'm hesitant to be the "You just haven't heard the right Zappa yet!" guy.


FU Carnivore! FU Herbivore! FU Omnivore!

Agrufulis, My only reader, will love this move, if for no other reason than the line, "I wish I could eat pasta doggystyle." Japanese Hippies make as much sense as American ones, apparently... I can't believe this cartoon is a Student film... The Bikinis of Islam....

Some amazing weird half-animal ART... Stuff like this has been plaguing my dreams lately. Video of a stringy Nematomorpha coming out of a bugs butt. More fucking pictures of fucking kittens than you've ever fucking seen... sooo kewt. (4 Joonya). The Master of THighs has a nice 'lil A CLockwork Orange Post up today... Viddy Well, and don't get any on yer pletchkoes... How about a High School Percussion Ensemble covering DJ Shadow? It's a loooong download...
Someone's compiled all of this cringeinducing video clips that circle in the ether. Mute it, because they laid down some popalternagrunge nonsense... fucks with me as is. I've seen all of these before, but the constant barrage made my face hurt, while also tightening my stomach area. Then again, those symptoms could also be caused by all of the Root Beer Barrels & Orange Tic-Tacs I've been eating. Motherfucker's on a binge.
Dumb Swedes in Coats.
This Gurl has the best T-Shirts... and she knows how to use them.

PLAY GOD, or just stare at your hand and watch it get all melty


The bad news is that's the good news...

Computer malfunctions! I keep losing beautiful crafted and heartfelt posts to this malfunction nonsense... Here we go again... More New Cool Art... Check out the Biosphere series...

"Believe it or not,
I think Bryant Gumbel's Straight Nigga", Quoth M.E.T.H.O.D. Man...

Gogol Bordello has a video for "Start Wearing Purple". Speaking of cool videos, here's one for my Homie in 3 Oaks, MC Styloh... He's a 2nd Gen Agrufulis, which means he'll probably drive slow, too.

I got inspired to do a little Photoshop by the cool art over at
Information Aesthetics. I spend hours looking at this work. This picture has something to do with e. Coli.

I've typed about it before, but seriously check out the
Music Genome Project. I listen to it all day long. Today, It's been Petra Haden Radio. Her Who Covers are fantastic. French Cartoons, & French People fucking with Belgians. Japanese Stuff, Russian Stuff, Mexican Stuff, More Japanese Stuff, British Stuff, Spanish Stuff... It's like a fucking Benneton Ad consists of thousands of hours of mind thumping internet nuggets. You can get lost indefinitely. Just keep hitting links.While I'm a-gettin' all WorldBeat up in here, peep these Nature Shots.

How could I forget about all those
Italian Freaks & Motherfuckers? These guys are gorgonizing.

Want to watch a bazillion Music Videos? Me neither, but some of them are cool...
Isn't Monday talk like a Pirate day, or something?

Jeremy Cantor is very clever... The Spin Doctors have a new album... yeah. Video of New Orleans Cops looting. Who's going to shoot them? I love reading the hatemail on sites that are, hopehope, obviously jokes. Jesus Christ, Do Ninjas Fucking Rock & Black People Love Us, for example. Maybe I should do something to get hatemail... What's better than winning at the Special Olympics? Being able to walk. That oughta do it.
One more for the road... Amazingly big polaroids!


Cats, and then Kittens

Let's throw something quick & easy up here. My computer room is HOT, but not as hot as, say, Al Green on Soul Train in the 70's!

I don't know what to make of this guy. He's cool, but I don't know that I'd
want to stand next to him during his act... I'm not sure exactly what Solipsistic is all about, but I know I love it...

haha... WHat happens when a truck full of granite slabs hits the brakes?


I don't know that it's a fetish, I'm just saying that
I wouldn't mind so much... (Warning... Bare Asses Smacking...) Of course, all that I could hope to expect in this town is a little of what they call the Mishawaka 2step. I've seen it happen. Who wants a badass album cover? This'll get your name in the paper, fersherr.

I thinks it's classy... like an
ugly green shirt, it's classy. My computer's been crashing, & this is my third attempt at posting, so I'm gonna keep it succinct. Mad Dad throws a hissyfit at school & makes a real ass out of himself... DUI=Dialing under the influence... Listen to this voicemail, as it's hilarious. Remember, B. Rose's Phone Number is 512.970.5265. What happens when you pop water balloons in Zero Gravity?

Turkish Wizard of Oz...