Nerd Porn

The St. Patrick's day Orion Slave girl Bjork Barbie picture I just posted got me thinking about Pure Geek Smut. The image “http://crackerdiet.net/pub/resistor-pr0n.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Meat Maps.

I've always wanted to have one of those meat maps of cattle cuts that you'd see in butcher shops.

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All night Pingwin Party.

Pingwin Olympians... Oh! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Bjork transformed into an Orion Slave Girl (green skinned women of Star Trek)

what's up with that Pingwin's Eye?

I promised to up the evening's Pingwin content. According the Antarctic Eskimo lore, Curry is Pingwin Kryptonite
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Pingwins are also surprisingly prolific tunnelers, creating vast networks of underground passages that theoretically encircle the globe.

KRS-10 has blueprints for a Biodome and a plan involving Penguins. I've seen the plan, and it's in crayon.

She actually has a great story about this dinner party she went to with 9 other strangers, one of whom turns out to be an adult male Pingwin. Sufficed to say, everything worked out as a matter of sorts excepting the mysterious pingwin's unfortunate and premature demise, and the whole affair was truly one to be remembered. That's a story for another day... Here's a picAdelie penguin colony. Dead penguin is in the centre

Looking up Photos

Some of This Guy's cheesecake is a little cheesy & Heavy Metal for me, but his Joel Peter Witkin-looking stuff is pretty.

On the other end of the spectrum, but also a favorite, Lee FriedlanderSelf-PortraitCanton, OH

The New Fiona Apple Album

Are you sick of waiting for Sony to get their heads out of their asses? Click Here.

Life in the back of a semi

I spend lots of time unloading trucks full of heavy things where I work. Today, it was very heavy water heaters. So I spend a few hours in the back unloading with a random truck driver every week. Today, the driver was Cliff Claven. I call him Cliff because he always imparts these brilliant tidbits of info on me: Skunks stink because they shed their skin internally, There's more oil in Venezuela than in Iraq, Teachers make $90,000 a year, and, my favorite today, "People in prison have it made."
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French Vogue

I posted a Cheesecake link a few days ago, and that made me think about Guy Bourdin. He's one of my favorite photographers, and, like Warhol, he learned by selling shoes.

Britney's Titneys

So... Someone got access to the invisible rhinestone catsuit footage from Toxic, decided to put it on the Internet... but censored it first. Hmm...The image “http://www.britneyspears.ch/news/2004/01jan/data/toxic.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I never thought I'd do a Britney Spears post, as it is done far better and more thoroughly elsewhere.

Night of the naked Noltes

Honey, Where You Been So Long? is hosting MP3s of the classic tune Stagger Lee all week long. I'd never heard this version before.

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Though it isn't pingwin-related, this is still for KRS-10...

Holy Living Fuck! They have Hieronymus Bosch Action Figures? I NEED!!!

The Paintings of Travis Louie make me smile...



The 5% Solution

According to science, this should make you think of a particular vegetable...

Are you thinking of a Vegetable?

This isn't really about Vegetables, or even one in particular.

It's just a special coded message to Soul Brother Five, The Throat Point, to whom the numerical fist is foremost. It's not crazy, it's numeric. This is crazy.
[straightjacket.jpg (6 kB)]

Then again, strange things are tied to 5s. This came up through a search of "5"...
Five blinded otolaryngologists
then graded the severity of posterior commissure hypertrophy (pachydermia) ...

I'm not sure, but I think it has to do with throats.

5 is alive
5 is capitalism empowering and based on human action? a key element of the social vision propounded by capitalism
5 is back in spotlight
5 is available on escher
5 is an arm's length away by michael singer
5 is addictive by ken walston of the journal click to enlarge
5 is now available
5 is there life after unexplained crying?
5 is at a standstill? monday
5 is knowing unix optional? does it help to know unix? yes and yes
5 is imac compatible staff report
5 is europe's launcher to meet the challenges of the new century
5 is better than 4 & 6? michael porter five forces model
5 is fine
5 is a world
5 is there
5 is a 10
5 is your number by retroactivism
5 is capitalism empowering and based on human action?
5 is available in 36" and 48"
5 is a great place to spice up a chilly night
5 is coming to showtime
5 is available
5 is packaged new packaging simplifies purchasing and installation processes
5 is finally coming
5 is released
5 is the breakthrough
5 is not required framework section
5 is used for streaming high
5 is available date

Are you thinking of Carrots?