Olive Oil Turtle Turds

I ordered a cold plate at a dive Italian restaurant off the Nove Mesto yesterday. I was stabbing hunks of Edam and Ham and Camembert and stinky cheese, and shoveling them in my face. As I went through the selection, one cheese brought me to a halt as I squeezed it in my mouth. Talking before swallowing, which I avoid at all costs, I told my roommates that I had a very important statement to make. They watched as I chewed thoughtfully, and added hunks of breadrolls into the churning mash between my teeth. As they waited, the anticipation grew. At last, I swallowed, and took a second along with a big sip of Coca-Cola a Vino (Cheap red wine and Coke, Not Bad). They had to stay themselves from blurting, "Spit it out!", now that I had nothing actual to spit out. I said, in all seriousness, pointing weakly to the three remaining hunks of cheese, of which I had eaten the fourth in one big bold bite. "That," affirming eye contact to relay my seriousness,"is butter..."



Fuck! I just erased a lengthy post trying to use the Czech Keyboard. I don't know how to use the accented letters that are on the number keys. I'll figure it out. I'm a clever girl.
I'm picking up a little Czech. It's funny. I used to make fun of the expressions that Borat used on the Ali G. show, and now I actually use those words all the time. Jagshamesh is how ya doin'. Dyekwee is thanks. Those are spelled phonetically, cuz the pronunciation is a trip. I live with 3 british folks, and they're great. We're becoming fast friends.
This town has some amaaaaazingly beautiful old architecture, which is usually covered with grafitti. Look down when you walk around, because the sidewalks are plastered with dogshit. Oh yeah! When they give you change at a store, they will not hand it to you. That's just how they do it here. You can expect to pay to use a public toilet and a shopping cart. They're usually about 50 cents. The baskets in the markets only have one handle, and you have to buy your bags at the grocery store. That took me a trip or two to firgure out.

Expect some pictures here soon, because I just got my laptop up and running. Peace & Love, Truth & Soul. The bitch is back.
I've got my own tag, too. I've been writing "Sting is Dead!" in all the bar bathrooms, because I think it's funny...
More soon.