Tennis Elbow

People at work make fun of me for wearing dark colored socks and shorts, colorful kid shirts with diverging stripes, for shaving my head... countless offenses, I commit to offend the refined sensibilities of my fellow Amish-Country warehouse personnel. I don't care if I look cool doing it, as long as I get it done. (thanks to YO for the link)

Speaking of which, if I hear one more person say "Git-R-Done", then I'm going to respond with something equally fresh, like, say, Austin Powers Impersonations (yeah, I totally did that hilarious and endearing thing where I put my pinky to my lip and stared at the imaginary camera)... Yeah, Bab... I can't even type it. That played-out unfunny mimicry stabs my mind with a dull penknife of shitwittery.

Speaking of YO, I'm totally bummed that our plans to see HST's Ashes shot out of a cannon never materialized... That would have been... well, a trip.

Did you know that Carrot Top could kick all your asses?

Man, I tell you what! In spite of being a witless shitwit, Ashton Kutcher still manages to sell his charmlessness. I know he's good-looking, but I jus thtink that fucking show on MTV is a brainsore... and that's within the context of MTV's shows. Here's a funny premise! Let's have Black Rappers get harassed by people who appear to be cops. Even better, have the cops force the rappers into embarassing displays of obedience! HaHa! Those dumb Black Rappers don't even realize that the cops fucking with them is such an absurd concept that it simply must be the work of some comic genius. Cops fucking with Black People! How could that not be seen as a hilarious joke? And Man, His girlfriend's career has gone downhill since she quit posing naked for money...

Can anyone help?

The banjo is actually an instrument of African origin. That movie had to go and ruin it for everyone, because, let's face society's Banjo Disparity together, not many African-Americans are seen pickin' on the five string...

OK, You never see it in ReaL LifE!

Peace & Loves, kiddies! I'm off to Bloomington for the weekend.


In God, Wet Rust

My bloggage is sloppy because I'm out of shape. I did stumble across an image of cool stuff that Nintendo's ROM Chips will do under the right circumstances.

People often reference the elements of synchronicity between Dark Side of the Moon, and The Wizard of Oz. I think the heretofore unforeseen connection between a good old-fashioned snowboarding video game and EATSTAPES! has infinitely more meaningful implications. I like the track House Mice.

Has everybody seen the video for the Pussycat Dolls' single? My thoughts?

I hate to admit it, but I will see this NASCAR movie in the theater.

Now, Does Eva Longoria have a mole on her right buttcheek, or is my screen dirty. I keep looking, but I can't tell... I just want to know if my screen is dirty...


Yeah... total mole... Speaking of ugly people on television, I totally want this parishilton shirt...


I think that's at least part of the reason I like Dog, The Bounty Hunter.... It gets ugly people on TV.

I'm distracted... I need to shitshineshaveshowershampoo&eat, then maybe I'll drop another dollop. For now, the obvious solution.



To escape from the fast-paced, action-packed Hollywood spectacular that is Mishawaka, I look for things like MP3s from the Joe Vs. the Volcano soundtrack in the privacy of my Sanctum Sanctorum.

My friend, Ms. Yo, has a new rocking pop combo called My Village is Number One, or something close to that. She always sends me cool collages, so bakatcha!

Now I'm thinking about my friends down south, because I plan on going back this weekend. I can't wait to sit around and spin rekkids with Amor Loco, the Master of the All-seeing Eye of Agamotto.

And then, we have the #5. I can't wait to see that kid. I'll get some beats to post up in this piece soon. 5, this is for you.


I love how the caption defines the LPs as being hard to find, and simultaneously displays Gerry Rafferty. sigh...


I'm back...

Well, let's hope everything goes smoothly from here on out. It was really touching that some of the F.O.R.T.P got all spazzy-kitty when I quit posting. Well, fear no more, My Spazzy Cats & Kitties...

And now, The Smut that you've come to expect... Who wants to be safe for work, anyhow?

I've been listening to the new The White Stripes' album lately. The best song has a video. I like it, but I usually am fairly keen on their video presentations...

The Company I work for just got sold, and the new owners know how to make a guy feel...

They actually had me empty the warehouse inorder to sweep underneath the dirty boxes of furnaces, water heaters, and White Amish Babies... and they're classy, too. Enough of that Amish Country drag that my life has become over the last few... well, since I moved here a year ago.
Now, ometimes I wonder what I learned in College. I've got my Social Security # memorized. This Guy took advantage of the opportunities for enlightenment more fully than yours truly. Lot of miles between me and those days... Well, not a lot lot.

If I'd have known that I was going to have my Picture Taken..

About... Fucking... Time!!! I really truly must have...

Soooo... I've been trying to get in shape.

If anyone has ever had the right to throw a completed Rubik's Cube on the floor, and shout, unironically, "Fuck Yeah!", then it's this chap...

How 'bout we spread some fresh Swayze on this muffin?

He already has the look of a true Bouncer/Philosopher... Say it with me...

He just drops the most brilliant exigeses in this flick, and in life. In fact, the Swayze has given me my own personal motto, of late...

True... true. Remember kids, Jesus is Magic!

Maybe I'm partial to Sarah Silverman because she reminds me of my favorite Canadian Blogorita, or vicey-versey.

I'm off to tell the dogs in my hood whose house this is... (yeah, that's Casey Affleck on his 30th Birthday)

The Bitch ist Zuruck, Yo!

WOW! I finally got my Internerd fixed! I was starting to feel a little bit... Antsy. How have my little cats & kittens been? Antsy as well, I presume... Worry no more, because I'm back to dig up stupid shit to Devolve your mind... Like pictures of Cats & Kittens feeling antsy.user posted image

I've been into that new White Stripes album. I've never been a big slut for them, but this song is so damned catchy, + the video is really cool... Then again, most of their videos are pretty keen.The image “http://www.phirebrush.com/issues/issue11/submissions/indyart/innuendo_God-Bless-the-White-Stripes.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Now, all this post needs is a little smut for Handy.

And to think, all I learned in College was my social security #...The image “http://narfherder23.tripod.com/images/drunk_guy.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Alright... I'm gonna dig for a bit. Expect posts daily from here on out...