Tycho Brahe

The idea of 1950's radioactive flatware has got me feeling all TOTN:Sci-Fri. In that vein, Read all about Tycho Brahe.The Tychonic World System

I heard Nicole Kidman is going to play
Diane Arbus... I think that Diane sums this up best, in saying, "Most people go through life dreading they'll have a traumatic experience. Freaks were born with their trauma. They've already passed their test in life. They're aristocrats." How does Nicole Kidman fit into a worldview like that?

Speaking of the
aristocracy, I'm suprised that they haven't gotten Leo DiCaprio to do The Life of Johnny Eck... or Andrew Lloyd Webber, to... up the pathos a lil'. The real heartbereaker of Eck's life, outside of the fact that he was essentially born without a body, is that he and his brother were robbed, Eck was severely beaten, and his brother was killed. He never overcame the bitterness that stirred within him from that day forth, and consequently died miserable... Hail! Hail!

Do yourself a favor, and watch
Freaks. It not only gave the Ramones one of their most memorable lyrics, but it's worth watching for the scene in which Prince Randian, the Caterpillar Man rolls & lights a cigarette with a match from a box... all with his lips.Prince Randian

I used to Jack White... Maybe it's because we're the same age, and both from Detroit... excepting that he's a rock star that marries supermodels in the Amazon, and I'm a big fat loser, it's like something out of
Conrad. Make sure to watch the video of Jack getting mad at balloons.

Jack White: Sucker of Satan's Cock?

As Bill Hicks says, "Hi! I'm a Rock Star, and I sell Pepsi!" No. You are a sucker of Satan's Cock!
Nothing against Jack White. I like his albums, but he has shot off at the mouth about selling out... that, and he didn't drop his last album on wax. You go , Mr. Toe Rag Analog Nerdo. Just click the pic to find out how this really makes me feel...


I can't believe she called after all these years. She just wanted to remind me of what a dick I was, how passonate & great everything was, how her life has been in ruins since our time together, how so sorry she is, how sorry I should be, left, right, black, white... then, the waterworks. After a little patient listening, I get to the root of the problem. She just broke up with the guy in line after me. I thought only boys did that whole callback thing. Remember when you were the real deal? Howzabout a spin as the watered down rebound version? God! Yeah, I suck. I know this. I accept all culpability for the demise of all my relationships ever. I thought I warned everyone in advance! Well, it just helps me feel better about all of my alone-time.
Honesty Stamps - Mosley meets Wilcox
Ad infinitum... It makes me feel as though I'm listening to two seperate & unaltered Nickelback tracks simultaneously, each on their own respective stereo channel for maximum suck... Oh I am! Man, I could go for a nutrigrain bar. Seriously, I don't want anymore bullshit today, especially from me! It's almost like going to work, and, remember, I work in the fucking RV/MH industry.
damn...this girl is fine!!.... ms bettie page..bondage queen

One little Manifesto, then ever onward!

Well, if you want to waste away forcing Godzillesque cartoon bots create dubmusic by punching lucky charms, then SUIT YOURSELF.

big mama : operation dancefloor


Start Wearing Purple

I debated referring to Rural Americans as befuddled rednekks, what with me being a Hoosier, though born a Michigander. Then, from the depths of the Bible belt, the link between religion & pasta revealed.

Sometimes, I miss my friend, Spliff...

I didn't know that bats make up 20% of all mammal species...Image of: Rhinopoma hardwickei (lesser mouse-tailed bat)

Christopher Hitchens was on the Daily Show, and it was badass... better news than thee news.
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Ziyi Zhang could make a fella crash his bike...The image “http://us.movies1.yimg.com/movies.yahoo.com/images/hv/photo/movie_pix/columbia_pictures/memoirs_of_a_geisha/ziyi_zhang/memoirs1.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I've been dusting off my reggae and afropower LPs, Mostly because I've been listening to Kal-El & Lou Dooben's supersoulspin'n. Check out the track byByron Lee & the Dragonaires. Makes you wonder why people listen to mediocre contemporary reggae that's so abundant now that Phish went south... Must be all the reefer.
The Ultimate 30s and 40s Reefer Songs

Shelby Knox was a 15 year old Good Southern Baptist Girl. She had pledged abstinence until marriage with the True Love Waits program, lived a respectable Christian life and excelled at school... now?

Ain't no rings on those fingers. More Muzak. Compare the Catfishs Blues... A Man may wish to be a fish, but when that Catfish eats a basketball, he's gonna get them blues all through him again...The image “http://www.techimo.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=13695” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Some people think McDonald's when they see red & yellow. I think Ketchup... Catsup? Catchuhh......

Would you like Catsup on your Catfish?

Full of Points

I just got the New Bill Hicks DVD. Not to get all dithrambic up in here, but that's two days running that I've gotten a kick out of a flick. SFU yesterday, and Bill Hicks today... Maybe I've just been watching badbad movies on cable until the wee hours for too extended a stretch. At least I watch them on Telemundo. Typing of which, Mexican talk shows are alluring. Laura, for example, keeping in mind that I speak no Espanol,, appears to be an upscale Sally Jesse whose guests seem law-abiding & upstanding as they cross the set to their seats. Before a word is spoken, a security guard for each guest position themselves behind their individual wards. At the angle from which each guest is shown explaining their backstory, they are towered over by this headless generic semi-cop uniformed form. While that may not seem entertaining, the joy is in the suspense, as, 10 times out of 10, each guest gets agitated and decides to get up. Why has that hulking guard been hovering above you this whole time like a flying saucer over a village of befuddled rednekks? To make sure that you sit right the fuck back down, that's why!
Listen to
Bill Hicks... I guess that's why I've been blasting MC5... In a Manifesto Mood... I think it's because I've got a P4 in my bathroom. Nah, the MC5 is probably because I just got The Stooges reissues...

It's dangerous to start posting album covers, mostly 'cuz thats what I look at on the internet all the live long day...

I usually don't post much celebrity stuffis, because it's done infinitely better
elsewhere, but... Tara Reid.

DUDE! Totally come on down, Brah!

I've been noodling with the first bars of Follow the Leader by
Eric B. & Rakim in combination with the piano intro of 9 to 5 by Dolly P. Now I just needs to throw some jews on top..

As far as long tally Dolly goes, I quote
Mike Patton from an old bootleg duet with John Zorn, "It's low feedback, Dave, and I'm doing it on purpose."


Like a mean mutherfucker, Sarge!

I actually feel myself sloughing of this most recent bout with the doldrums. It was exquisite & vehement, to be sure. I feel good, and I'm not sure if it's because I've once & truly lost it for good. My job sucks worse than ever. They just sold the company I work for and the new bosses... You know when Black Comedians make fun of Whitey, mimicking with that pinched frustrated voice? That's these guys. No need for an over-extended exigesis on my new found sense of well-being, so I'll just post.

I got something onto
TWS. I check this site daily, and I also steal a good bit of my best material. He always has picture of himself eating corn, so I thought of him when I saw this...

I stumbled across it at
WierdoMusic. They have some really sterling MP3s & linkage for VInyl Nerdos & their illicit ilk. I recommend Nambavan... Anyone with an album called Chechnya on the Dance floor is ok in RTP's beek. Their links will lead you to great music.
Psycho is one of my favorite movies. I never wondered what the Bates' place
looked like in color...

Stereogum has that song from the endend of Six Feet Under. I cried my eyes out, and I'm not the type to cry at shit in movies... That was some Where The Red Fern Grows in 4th Grade-type shit.

I found a tattoo for KRS-10...

...Without the 4s. She's gaga for 'guins... not 4s. It makes me miss those salad days we spent getting 49cent pizza at a gas station on Thanksgiving so we didn't starve...

In all honesty, I'm a little proud that the new boss hasn't been getting to me. Times were, I'd drive home muttering three levels of curses... Now I just laugh at that potato headed needledick bug-fucking cockgoblin plumsmuggling worthless blowhard eggsucking phlegmguzzler...

RIP:John Loder

If any of these covers mean anything to you, then feel a little bummed... AND wear jeans and a t-shirt. I mean, look at this list of great people that all worked with him.

I was trying to track down some old Brigitte Bardot LPs, not that she has new ones, and found this little heartwarming tidbit... Tidbits of little helpless puppies in shark infested waters. Joonya will love this! SoCute! Scroll down until you see "LIVE BAIT FOR SHARKS!", or, better yet, don't... You'll thank yourself...really! OUTRE

Well... That nastiness kind of took the wind out of my sails...

To cleanse the palate, and it'll take some doing, FRENCH RAP.


The Search for Retina Soybean

Back in the day, I used to see this mop headed half-midget (midget & a half?) named Dan in various cities across the U.S. for the bulk of a summer. He stuck out, primarily because he sported a savage afro & a referee shirt. Dan spent his time listening to a seemingly endless supply of Frank Zappa bootlegs with herculean habituality while criss-crossing the country in a stretched-out cadillac that had two rows of back seat, facing one another. The Man smoked like an old broke stove, uncountable Old Golds. I did an overnight shotgun stretch with him from Denver to East Kansas City, MO. I can't even remember what we talked about, but it was 80's Shiek Yerbouti-ish FZ that night. The symptomatic, annoying timbre of Zappa's keyboard choices during that era kept an edge to us during those lean wee hours through the blankest region this side of anywhere, hurtling refugees crossing over an obscured and sombre demesne. Dan would draw these astounding comics that managed to be completely bewildering without feeling obsolete. The strip was called Retina Soybean, and I wish I could remember anything about them.
I was sitting at home lamenting the lack of a decent Comic Book Shop in this town. I ish I knew what was happening in Y, The Last Man, the only title I read with regularity. I couldn't get the scoop without ensconcing myself in the online usenet newsgroup comic book community. If I couldn't hang with Tom Waits Fans, then noway am I going to keep up in any fashion less than significantly more annoying than driving somewhere or getting a subscription. So I decided to look up Tank Girl, which got me thinking about comics I liked which flipped me right back, in the context of my subjective chronomental rolodex, to Dan...
I couldn't find Retina Soybean, but I did dig up Dan's last name, which took me here. Perfect. Could 4'8" Dan have become an actor Popular in Poland, appearing in "Die You Zombie Bastards!"? I could see him playing " Hippie, Robot, robotnik polowy na wyspie piekło" in a Zombie movie... seems thematically congruous. Does the actor Dan Vena look like that Dan Vena?IMDB identifies his role as being "Hippie, Robot, Hell Island Field Worker." By now, I want to see this flick, regardless of which Dan is which. He apparently also worked as a grip on said film. No picture of Dans. I'll take one for the team and order it... IF I CAN FUCKING FIND IT... It came out in February, and is nowhere to be found. I don't understand how a movie with the tagline "The World's First EVER Serial Killer Superhero Rock'n'Roll Zombie Road Movie Romance" managed to fall off of the RADAR... The Horror Channel site gave it 3 out of 5 Mugs o' Blood. For low-budget Zombie, that means good.

Retina Soybean... Wherefore art thou?


get yer lil' heddyfones on!

Joe Kafka has a website. His old-school cassette albums remind me of a cross between Solipsistics and Danny Cohen.


Speaking of Danny Cohen, I busted up listening to this split album that he did with the Horse Cock Kids the other day. The HCKs do a great song called After The Blowjob. The only words in it are "Life is easy... After the Blowjob..."

The image “http://media-01.anti.com/danny_cohen/were%20all%20gunna%20die/mini-hi.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I stumbled across Solipsistics because I heard about his album, Jesus of the Apes. Not to be overtly POP, but... Best... Album Title... Ever!

Well, While I'm on a skronky-pop kick, I've got to drop VIncent & Mr. Green. They're like next-generation Eurythmics.

I guess this musical direction is a result of the recent reissue of Entertainment by Gang of Four.

What else? Gogol Bordello! I heard the name somewhere I couldn't remember, and later that day I was flipping randomly through the racks at the depressing hole of a record store down the street from my house, and opened right to their album with Tamir Muskat from Vibromonk. I've been rocking the horseshit out of Gypsy Punks. P1010101

Plus, I can only think of one person this side of Billy Childish who can rock a WWI Moustache with such vigorous guile: The Corndawg. Never miss the chance to see him perform.

In keeping with this entry's slow and perpetual glide from earnest towards honest, I can only recommend the Peetie Wheatstraw & Bumble Bee Slim Track over at Honey, Where You Been So Long? This site always impresses me with consistently high-quality goods. Check it daily.

Oh Yeah. For the my little nerdies, Crumb Blues Portraits. This series is what got me into collecting old Yazoo & Arhoolie LPs. I can't thank him enough for that. Scrapper is one of Naptown's own.

I think Arhoolie is releasing another collection of Mance Lipscomb stuffis. Whether you like Texas Country Blues or not, You really should try to watch the documentary on him, A Well Spent Life.
Any of Les Blank's films are worth watching. Mance shows up in Blues accordin' to Lightnin' Hopkins, too. According to lore, Lightin' got sick of Les following him around with a camera. Les was crushed, but agreed to leave the next day. The pair stayed up late that night drinking and playing poker. Lightnin' took Les Blank to the cleaners. Les may have lost his shirt, but Lightnin' agreed to let him stay for another few weeks.

Les Blank also used to distribute Dancing Outlaw. If you don't know the saga of Jesco White, then do yourself a favor.

Now I'm thinking about simultaneously expoitative and adoring documentaries, and one name springs to the forefront... Krulik. Coolest thing about Jeff is that you can watch his flicks online for free!

On an intensely personal & intimately nuanced plane of guys with cameras, I adore Ross McElwee. I have yet to see his newest, but I love his first, Sherman's March: A Mediation to the Possibility of Romantic Love in the South During an Era of Nuclear Weapons Proliferation. I like it so much, that I want to make out with it.

I could list off docos all day. Here's some list with which I agree. Whew! I'm halfway spent... Feel like being snooty?Here. On the other hand, Barthes had this to say about that pervasive joy cynicism hold for those bravesouls living in their own self-professed eschatology on a world thay didn't create that I find kind of heartening;
"What I mean is that I cannot countenance the traditional belief that postulates a natural dichotomy between the objectivity of the scientist and the subjectivity of the writer, as if the former were endowed with a 'freedom' and the latter a 'vocation' equally suitable for spiriting away or sublimating the actual limitations of their situation. What I claim is to live to the full the contradiction of my time, which may well make sarcasm the condition of truth." That's from his Mythologies. That & Lewis' The Problem of Pain make for some great Beach-time reading! Read 'em now before Oprah hops on the Bandwagon."Tribulations cannot cease until God either sees us remade or sees that our remaking is now hopeless." C.S.Lewis. I'm such a lapsed Catholic, that I sort of swoon at the heartfelt grappling with belief that's inherent in all of his work. Sure, Narnia, is cool, but he also wrote some great science fiction, too. It's like a sophisticated Edgar Rice Borroughs, rich in subtext & fun to read.The image “http://personal.bgsu.edu/~edwards/csltime.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Before I go getting all erudite up in this piece with philosophizin' & shit, another moustache picture, for no good reason...
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HOLY LIVING FUCK! Special Agent Dale Cooper to ride again? pleasepleaseplease! Fat Baby Jesus in Heaven, if you're listening...

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Sorry for the long entry... I'm just waiting for the final episode of Sixfeetunder to download, so I can find out how it all ends before someone ruins it for me... That, and I keep finding pictures like this...The image “http://goldenfiddle.com/wp-uploads/pickupanything.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.