Evil Prince in a Wild Jungle

Somebody tracked down the source material for Roy Lichtenstein's work.

Vinyl nerdlets will immediately recognize this cover...

Diggers of all natures and complexities share the first stumble across this title. Some have heard it.

Some have passed. Some bought it just for the cover, maybe, just to be deeply hip, making a big show of how it's a riot and hahawhoolissenstathiscrappp, the percussive tail of crap punctuating in a perfect soundbite of a fart,, a comet's tail of sputum aloft, rcord store employee's lip (ONTHELIP!) bound,,, only to rush home, furiously and unironically flog themselves into unconsciousness, clad only in big thick disco headphones, thickly corded & duct-taped to his or her head, so as not to be flung, as the aforementioned sputum, in the midst of inevitable Orgia Frenetica ala Alpert, certain to ensue once that needle licks wax and Herb shoots a load in your ear at deafening levels... set to repeat, with the cover on the bare wooden floor, leaning on the far wall, just looking.

I bought for the cover, listened to it, mostly over dinner,, and filed it away to be hung in the garage when I'm old and grey, reminiscing on Whipped Cream and other Delights...

"We'd hear stories about that album cover." I'll say to no one in particular.

I'd like to find the audio for this episode of Fresh Air with Gene Simmons...

Terry Gross: I would like to think that the personality you've presented on our show today is a persona that you've affected as a member of KISS, something you do on stage, before the microphone, but that you're not nearly as obnoxious in the privacy of your own home or when you're having dinner with friends.

Gene Simmons: Fair enough. And I'd like to think that the boring lady who's talking to me now is a lot sexier and more interesting than the one who's doing NPR. You know, studious and reserved, and -- I bet you're a lot of fun at a party.

James Carter's doing Pavement covers? Not tootoo bad, but why? (tip via S.Gum)

If you like to download videos, then I'll see you in a few days...
What do Polar Bears feel like when they have to go to work hungover on Monday?
Oh My God! I need this! Maybe Agrufulis can talk the Baron into ordering a Prototype for the SQUIRMbarn.

What the Heck is happening to my Genitals?

I prefer the unfinished mixes of Fiona Apple's new ablum. It's still good.


275 gallons of blood-red glue

I poked a hole in one of these with a forklift today.

It was 275 Gallons full of bright red glue, which went everywhere. It looked like I hit a cow or shot a dog... or a couple of dogs tried to eat a cow, and the cow killed them...

That's almost as cool as a mule killing a mountain lion...

Or an alligator with a whole deer in its mouth...

And now for something completely different, Real Live Communist Commercials! For some reason, I've been listening to Alone, Not Alone by Christina Carter at stupid volume (says it on the dial), staring at this picture, and trying to motivate myself to order Thai Food. Listen to Christina Carter Here. Recommended if you like John Fahey. (Kal-El, I'm looking in your direction)

Man! What do I want to eat? Not Banana Slug Erections. Iguess Christina Carter amkes you stare at anything. I just spent half an hour here... Looking at cars.

I heard that Jenna Mammina commissioned a Japanese Sitting Improvisational Dance Piece... for three... Shit, I compared Christina Carter to John Fahey. She's got an album called
Meditations On the Ascension of Blind Joe Death Vol. 1. It's on Ecstatic Yod, which, from what I can gather, is a badass bookstore with some LPs online.


Everyone's a critic, and most people are DJs

I had a great weekend up at the SQUIRMbarn. I dusted off the 808, and actually played more than one record at a time for the first time in my life, I think. That was fun. I'm determined to spend my Sunday cleaning up... So, it's 2 and all I've cleaned up is my Bookmarks folder... It was really messy, though.

Whenever someone sends me one of those inspirational chain emails, which they've sent to everyone in their address book, which eventually gets replies, to the whole damned list and not just the considerate gem who started the whole mess, I set up dummy email accounts and start the whole mess over, but with something a little more dignified than Angels making Snow Angels... get it?
Here's some quality DUB MP3s... When you're done spacing out on that, spin this little flick.

These are real...