Pozor Na Kradeze

I need to take the time to set up my keyboard with the Czech alphabet. My Czech is still so meager, but I've trained myself to read it as written. That is the beauty of this seemingly unapproachable language. If you know the sounds of the letters, then you can have a pretty good idea of how it is pronounced (not that I can pronounce it correctly). I write Rehorova, a street in my hood, on this keyboard, and it looks wrong to me, because, with the correct Czech letters, it is pronounced Rzh-ye-horzh-oh-vya. Even the unaccented letters can be a mouthful. Ice cream is Zmrzlina (pronounced just as written).
My reason for wanting to use the correct letters, is that I am going to start hosting MP3s of Czech Underground groups (get them while they're hot), and I don't want to diss the artists by misspelling their names. I know I'm picky, but the difference between Ess and Shhh can mean the difference between Shit and Sit. I digress.
I'm a total nerdo, but this is my desktop wallpaper and it makes me smile...

Well, It's been awhile since I posted some good old-fashioned smut. I've been delving into Freudian theory in my free time, and the last week or so was all about phobia. It got me thinking about Alfred Hitchcock's
The Birds. Watch it and think long and hard (I told you I've been reading too much Freud) about the tiess between birds and female fear... Blahblah. I was looking for images to tie with this tangent that has yet to materialize and I found old pictures of boobies. 'Nuff said.

We now return to your regular broadcast. I'm not much of one for the cartoony in my hard art, but Buzelli's work is simply adorable...

Gottfried Helnwein's work, on the other hand, is decidedly not adorable...

I've written lots about my undying admiration for Guy Bourdin. He took great shoe pictures. Sophie Delaporte has a similar feel. It's kind of what I like about Roxy Music album covers. They're ostensibly hot, and undeniably cold.

I was missing my pal, Ekwador, and went looking for shots like these. S-I-T-B, yo.

OK. One more artso-fartso, then onto the usual mindless inter-fare. Shivs...

Let's see... Mindless... Hmmm... Howzabout Drunk Animals? Yeah, that'll do.

I've been missing the SQUIRM, so I've been getting my SKRONK where I can... Poke around here for more.

More later. Get your feet set...


This is just a test...

I want to post MP3s. Comment if you can hear THIS. It's by a Czech group called Marno Union.



OK, Let's see what I can do in the hour before my lesson. It'll be sloppy, but what do you want for nothing? I'm just going to post in order from my "stuff I found on the internerd" folder. Conceptual continuity be damned! First up, a painter that I've admired for a long time, Inka Essenhigh. She's done tons of stuff (I love her boy's wallpaper series from way back), but, now that she's using oil, her work is super-rocking. Granted, Comic books have informed almost every aesthetic filter I have installed in my brainpan (no shame), but her work goes well beyond comic-booky. I dug her up at the Saatchi site, which is well worth perusing for new desktop wallpaper or ironic myspace icons.

Waits is touring stateside. No word on any shows on my side of the pond. I'll just hold my breath and rock back and forth until I can get my grubby mitts on this.

Here's a droplet for my laptop maestroes. Grab some Gojira soundtracks.

I found a big spider in my bathroom last night, or, rather, he found me. I never thought that he'd make a nice brooch.

Not to be a retro-slut, but this shit is cool NOW.

On the obverse, this shit was never cool. I was talking with Barndance about a Currier & Ives Crucifix that he has hanging at Ipso Facto. We got onto their Darktown series. It's not one that people mention when they discuss the legacy of C&I.

On a lighter note... Pictures of kids doing cute stuff. It's like Anne Geddes, but a tad rougher. (PS my obligatory Russian photo site)

Fatty Arbuckle won't be my friend on MySpace... Read.

Everyone has heard the Wilhelm Scream.

I did all this in 45 minutes...