The Technical Feat of Automatic Shoes

I felt compelled to drop a quick little post about 20th Century Female Pirates... Chinese, to boot. Read about Ms. Cheng, and wait for me to find more about Huang P'ei Mei. It might take awhile, what with me being incapable of reading or typing in Chinese.

In the movie, Real Genius, Val Kilmer's character confesses to having dreams about wearing Pagan Sun God Robes while thousands of Midgets throw pickles at him. This is the same sort of thing, but sans Kilmer...
Man! Does anyone have 2,500 I can borrow? James Jean is selling this original X=Men sketch on eBay, and I want. I first saw the covers he did for the comic, Fables. That, and Y, the Last Man are the only titles I absolutely must read every month... Garth Ennis is kicking Ass on the Punisher, though...

I've been brushing up on my German, because I'm probably moving to Europe in the next year, or so. I tell you... They're weird. Not as weird as this Photographer, but weirdhahaweird.

That pic reminds me of a country song I'm writing called "Keep your fucking chin up (Downhillfromhere)". I remember falling down on the playground at school, and coming up bleeding with minute pebbles deeply embedded in my knees and palms, my shins and forearms slathered in traditional Masai paste of dust and blood. Once my Dad realized that I was OK, and just a little banged up, he offered,"It's downhill from here,"which, in the face of countless similar accidents involving everything from treetrunks hitting the nutsack to fronteeth facefirst on a backwoods brickroad, I've taken to heart. Here's another fucking picture...

To think, that's how it starts... I got to see Barndance last night. I hope to grab some of his drums to feed my 808 later tonight... BARNDANCE!

The Phallus in Advertising...


If you turn into a Zombie, I'll kill you.

I've been listening to the version of Jeepster from the Born to Boogie soundtrack. I've heard a half dozen versions of this song, but this one's been stuck in my ears, of late. It just makes me feel... pretty.

Loretta Lux has been getting tons of press, lately. Her work is a little hit&miss with me, but I like these shots, as they remind me of my deardear friend, KJP.

I don't watch American Football, mostly because those guys would stuff me in Lockers & knock me down & call me names. I'm such a puss. Ohyeah! Football... Even I have to admit that this is a niiiice fucking catch.


Shrinking Heads.

I feel dumb, because I can't figure out how to stick an MP3 up on the site, all neat & tidylike. In all honesty, I haven't devoted much time to it. Anyhow, I figured out a simple solution. Listen to Luworm... The only problem is that I have to keep it relatively small. I think Kal-El is going to make one o' them there MySpace bandy thingums.

Bubblesex Part II {Agrufulis, this is all you} Speaking of Bubbles...

Who would have thought that I'd find the coolest watches in the entire universe at a site called eager beaver? I was looking for watches... swear.

George W. Bush confesses!



Kal-El is doing something with Birds, so Bird sounds, Owl Sounds...