almost finished moving to new flat. will get the internerd there, so expect more soon.


few and far

I wish I had internet connection in my flat. I would update this with frequency, and I would respond to all those emails from freinds that are drifting further away... sigh. Oh well. I've been keeping a list of things that I want to post on, as opposed to surfing until I found something quirky to comment on. Here we go. First up in my little notebook is Sister Corita.
This is going to be a slapdash affair, but I've got stuff to do today.

I went to Vienna last weekend. I must say that some of the sweetest people I know are Austrian Anarchists. I caught lots of great ART, but this lady blew me away ; Elke Krystufek.

I've got tons more, but I feel the need to leave this cafe and walk around.. Iwas going to write about Jeff Goldblum, DOn Rickles (totally still alive), and my undying love for purple rain...


Lord loves a LuWorm

I was all warmed up to do a rockin' Memphis Minnie post, but I got sidetracked... it happens. I was flipping through pictures that I took whilst walking around during my first few weeks here. It was strange to knit those far-away unknowables with what has become relatively familiar. I didn't realize it then, but I was absolutely on fire on September 19th of last year. These meager few are perfect examples of my generic approach to photographic composition. I could shoot for the rest of my life, and never feel comfortable with what I'm doing with my corners..

Soooo, that gives a rough idea of an average day for me. I'll be getting internerd in my flat soon, then the real deal will be back in effect. Go ahead and call it a come-back. PS Lord loves a LuWorm most particularly for referencing Ukelele Spaghetti when I mentioned Bob Brozman. Dig up a copy of Blue Hula Stomp!



Sometimes I remember where I am, and it puts me in my place. I get exposed to the foreign and familiar with such regularity, that I hardly notice the whirl anymore. I was wandering home last night, and decided to hop a cab. Dawn was rapidly approaching, and I had a bad feeling about a dark alley, plus the cab was right in front of me as I rounded the corner, thinking that I'd never find one. It's strange being and feeling alone on the other side of the world in the middle of the night with a bellyful of Becherovka... then you hop in a cab and Chet Baker is on the radio singing My Funny Valentine. It brought me to a screeching halt. I get plenty of familiar music here, but this was something I truly liked. I talked to the cabbie in my horribly broken Czech about how great I think that song is. We agreed that people don't cotton to Jazz or good music in general anymore. I looked out the window...

It seemed to make perfect sense...

Enough self-important musings. Here's more stupid RTP shi(r)t for the kiddies...

If I started a band, I would call it The Damned Monkeytraps. I stumbled onto some fantastic Bob Brozman clips on Youtube. Many of them have better (read as more) musical performance, but this one is particularly delightful, as brother lays it all out.

What else have I been obsessing over lately? Try Goldie Hawn. SOmeone accused me of liking her only because she's hot. I told them to watch Seems Like Old Times. I could list a dozen movies that I absolutely love her in, without even getting to Private Benjamin. It all starts with Laugh-In, because I'm a huge fucking nerd-o, but, I mean, Jesus, that bikini is iconic to me still.

I've also been trying to absorb all of the Zach Galifianakis that I can. He cracks my shit up. Poke around his site and watch the Fiona Apple Video... seriously.

I've been spun a little on Billy the Kid, as well. Mostly 'cause of the movie, and mostly 'cause of the soundtrack.

Oh yeah! Happy New Year, my little piggies!

Happy Birthday, Yoko Ono!!!

Thank you for Australians, Baby Jesus.

Speaking of Antipodea, watch The Proposition. I'd have checked it out, simply because Nick Cave wrote and scored it, but I watched it twice daily for a week because it's... don't know the word, just watch... I still get all gut-wrenched when the elder brother says, "Why don't you ever just... stop me?"

Ciao for now...


For Olan

I know that I've got some faithful left out there in the ether, but the only one I am certain that still takes a stab at this near-dead site is the big O. Well buddy, this one's for you... I'm rusty, so bear with me. We'll start with the old one-two of cheesecake/comic covers...

I should have never started thinking about cheesecake. I could be at this all day...

Alrighty, howzabout some Kuti?