Hamburger Panty

I've been at work since 4:30. I got home at noon. Between the intense labor, lack of sleep, and factory air, I feel drunken. Bear with me. I, myself am gonna ride the train. It will be nice to have a hangover that consists of feeling rested and renewed. People will comment "you don't look like shit.Well, not total shit." Flatterers...
As a recap, I'm home, awake, and thoroughly befuddled. I've been listening to the excellent Chinese Rock post on WFMU. Go download songs by NO. I like very much.
I'm going, I hope, to Blington this weekend. I commissioned a portrait of KJP, and I need to pick it up from Amor Loco. When I go, I think I'm going to rent a hotel room. That way, I won't have to sleep on a couch+I'll have Hi-Wi-Fi. I'm going swimmingin the pool, too. I'm going to swoop up anything of mine left in that place. I'll give my friends a squeeze and a solid wish, and that's it for Blington, for me. I'll eschew the flowing Pagan Sun God robes in that swimming hole, but I will come up for air and be new.

I could have worse hobbies

Our favorite son of Krypton, Kal-el, and I were discussing instrument names as names for children {Don't worry. I'm not pregnant}. We got about as far a Gamelan and Banjo.Howzabout Sosso Balaphone?



I found a clip from Mondo Magic today. Out of the whole Mondo canon, this title is hard to find, particularly because it's nothing something for which one looks. I stumbled into possession of a bad VHS dub of it years ago. I was living in the second floor of a house. The exterior of which was wrapped in a unconvincing faux brick coating, bright-red. My living room was bisected at a 45 degree angle. While it sucked to have half of my already small space rendered intimidating, my television was small. It looked bigger as you walked it across the room. That's where I watched the contents of a blank titled in thick permanent letters.
Essentially, keeping in spirit of the other Mondo flicks, it's footage of people doing what people would left to their own devices where habits can have habitats, back in the woods & deep in the jungle. Not to belabor the particulars, but one sequence always resonated as being redolent with an appreciable sensibility. In a nutshell, a remote Amazonian village has one central policy. You fuck up; Stick to the dome. For example, in cases of infidelity, the cuckold gets one good shot at his little Lothario with a big stick. After that, easy by easy and fair is fair.
I find it comforting that, in this pristine, balanced and primal{primitive? Be a hippy, and perceive a deep fullfilling beneficent EarthmotherHowWeShouldAllBe kind-of-a-feel here} society set in the throbbing jungle heart of the planet, most of the fellas have a good couple of scars on their head.
I guess it's like Darwin said," A difference in Complexity does not imply a difference in Nature." Word.

Does anyone speak Francais around here? I think I found Mummyporn. It might be art, but I kind of hope it's porn.

If I'm going to have a little flavor parade for the eyeballs, let's unload some lil' old things.

One Huge Eye...

Visual Cognition. Look at Dr. Angry & Mr. Smiles, then lean back and squint....

Quirky MP3 Blog. I think it's Russian.

Fake Pet Fish...

Chinese Rock...

Jesus wants your Socks. I hear George Michael might be interested, as well.


How long until you can run a train on the darlings of the white supremacy movement?


The resultant hum of thrill becoming normal

Labies and Gentals, I give you Shigeo Fukuda. Trust me, and spend some time looking here. I think it's positively gorgonic.

Amazing, but true; I wasn't ever really that into Star Wars. I do, however, like watching Yoda rap and breakdance...

I'm not sure when the political climate shifted from voting for, as opposed to against, candidates. This dreary climate does little to dampen my enthusiasm for politics. It's my sports. It does, however, lead me to be a little disaffected as far as action is concerned. I vote... and I'm going to flip a Hummer the Bird tomorrow. They make those fucking things in my town. Get mad. Make a statement.

I have to work again this weekend. That means no trip to Blington for another week. That sucks, as I miss Ms. Yo and Amor Loco desperately. I'm going to have well over 110 hours on this paycheck. That means sushi dinner. I'm going to rent a hotel room, so I can go swimming, too.

SQUIRMy Japanese Theremin. {Gratuitous Sex & Violins}... You find funny things when you are trying to find a justification for an awful pun and a silly picture. Hip-Hip Hotty? Check, Maxim Steez... Origami? Hai! Double GUITAR! Dirty Jew Talk? Kevin Federline (Britney's Babydaddy) Rapping? Is anyone still with me?

Sun Ra on SNL, yo.

From where do German babies come?

I collect vintage pictures of couples. Some people collect pictures of women with dogs.

If asked to encapsulate America, I might just point here... Speaking of which, a cowbot was in my warehouse today. Tall and lean like Hank WIlliams, he was. He had the hat and boots and everything. He came in with a group of salesmen and my Dad. Pops and I, as always, smoked simultaneous cigarettes as a greeting. The cowboy whipped out a pack of Reds, and partook, as well. "Where's y'all's rehstroohm eht?" I said "down the end of that aisle, door on the left." "Thank yeh kahndly," as he swaggered towards the john. That was fucking perfect, I said to myself, grinning as one who's seen too many movies.

This site was in one of my very first posts. I stumbled across it again today, and I smiled again. P.S. What is Swedish for "frottage club"?

Hail Satan.

20 JFGs has Bonny Prince Billy & Tortoise covering DEVO...