Where have all the flowers gone?

I stumbled across a stack of pictures from the 50's in my friend's antique store. They showed this guy who was a real-deal world traveler, serious Indiana Jones style. He was in Africa, the Middle East, China... just all over. The pictures were bought at an estate sale. I'll never find out who the hero was. It got me thinking about old pictures, so I started collecting them. I'm focusing on pictures of couples, because seeing young people in love from half a century ago makes it even more bittersweet...

I was taking my daily cruise through Jewish Feminist Menopausal Painting sites, and found this.

It's called "Birthing the Crone."

Groucho sings.

Based on the New Star Wars Trailer, I almost feel as if Lucas can pull up before impact.

Just Because I got some Puffy A-Team stickers off of eBay.

Oh Robin! What have I done?

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