Encaustic Wax & 2 million crowns

KJP, Cobra Commando...

Sitting at Metropole and drinking double espressoes and listening to Sade, that's the start of my day. I stayed up pretty much all night in order to finish reading
A Beautiful Mind. I dug in at 6 in the AM, and polished off the last few hundred pages in time to be at the Coffeeshop shortly after it opened. KJP and I were here yesterday, and she showed me some paintings that her friend, Joyce, did of her. My jaw dropped. They're so good.

On leaving, we told Tomas, our favorite and daily baristo, that we would be back tomorrow. He said that he would look forward.
The bookstore attached to the coffeshop is closed, for some strange reason. That sucks, because I wanted to surprise KJP with a new ART book. We wandered around the city for hours, and went up in the TV Tower. KJ confirmed my belief that it truly is the ugliest structure that comes to mind.

It has a nice view, though.

Bigfun tourist day... We were out for hours, and it makes me so sad to think of her going back to the states...

SOrt of lost steam with this post, and am feeling depressed. Does anyone else feel suspect towards people who do not have voices in their head?

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