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I've been spending the bulk of my ever-diminishing time on-line re-connecting with the long-lost on myspace. I remember hearing, as a youth, that, should you lose touch and want to reunite with somebody, you need just go to Times Square and wait. It turns out that myspace is easier.
Not to say that I don't love the Fussy Records Faithful.
Today, My head has been swimming. Top of the list? Orangutans...

I heard a zoologist describe some primary differences between some of the more popular varieties of Apes and Monkeys by illustrating their reactions to the presence of an unexplained screwdriver in their individual enclosures. Chimps will immediately use it for anything and everything but its intended purpose. Gorillas will be afraid of it for a bit, then forget it ever existed. Orangutans will discreetly hide it, then disassemble its cage when noone is looking.
I also recall hearing about one troublesome Orangutan that continually escaped from its enclosure. They would move this ape into a small enclosed area while cleaning its main cage. The holding area had one of those ubiquitous zoo doors that slide up and down. After the Orangutan had escaped a few times, they decided to videotape him in the holding area (He wouldn't ever make a move if anyone was around). The ape would reach over the very top of the door through a narrow vent. Using a piece of cardboard that he had secreted for this purpose, he would tap the key on the opposite side of the door, rotating it, so he could just push it out from his side with a thin twig.
It's been said disparagingly that humans are descended from monkeys. I say its either chimps or gorillas, because I don't detect too much Orangutan stock in my day-to-day.
Plus... Orangutan babies are so fucking cute.

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