Onkel Zbyndas Winterrock

OK, It seems that I've figured out how to post MP3s. I plan on putting up Czech rarities for the kids back home. Here is a little something called Big Mac by OZW, or Onkel Zbyndas Winterrock from their album Nevergreeny. It's hard to dig up English info on most of these underground groups, and my Czech is meager, at best. I've focused my search on Black Point Label. They haven't led me astray, yet. I found their store while I was wandering the streets one day. It's a total tiny record shop, and I felt immediately at home. Their vinyl was just three pitiful boxes with Styx and Wings and whatnot. I'm off the wax for now anyhow. I was disappointed by the fact that it was just garage sale junk... Then I stumbled onto a mint condition Nick Cave & Die Haut. I had to step away from the wax, but I felt a renewed interest to peruse further. The cat behind the counter seemed a little "eh. I work in a record store, but eh..." I approached him with my mangled Czech. "Hello. I am looking for Czech underground (I actually said Alternatif. Forgive me, but that's what they say.)" He kept pulling out Ska. "No Ska... Please. (Ska being a four-letter word, for me.)" It wasn't working, and his Cosby sweater was forcing me to lose steam. "What do you like? What is new and good?" He recommended the new Red Hot Chili Peppers... I actually frowned. He motioned for me to wait a minute. He went into the back and came out with an absolute record nerd bruiser. A Tubby guy with thick-ass Birth COntrol glasses and a bright red Residents T-Shirt. That frown turned right the fuck upside-down. He didn't speak a lick of English, but he knew exactly what I was talking about. "BlahBlahBlah King Crimson. BlahBlah Zappa. Blahblah Devo." He would grin and nod and come back with a stack of exactly what I wanted. His name is Vasek (Vash-eck). He rocks. He's not a snob:He's a nerd...

What do Bob Dylan, Malcom X, John F. Kennedy, and Fidel Castro have in common?

While I'm getting my nerd on, does anyone remember Mouse?

One blow music/ethno-music/cheesecake/picture gallery geekout, then onto some other nonsense. Turkish Record Covers.

Howzabout the requisite photo site? I know it's not Russian, but the dude's name is Sacha... Waldman, if you're nasty.

Some housecleaning. Do you need a stupid/strange/quirky/offensive/offbeat photo to identify your unique and individaul self to others on MySpace? Steal one from here.

Or an animated gif?

I'm beat. Keep 'em peeled. I'll be back. Meanwhile, I know it's not PC to call orcas Killer Whales, but it's better than Africanized Dolphins.

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