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It really felt like summer today. I just got pro/de-moted at work. I'm officially big shit in a small warehouse. Someone kill me... nyhow, I got the job because the BillyHill that I (used to) work with up and quit. I'll miss what he's given me. It's all because of him that I now know all of the words to the 12-15 songs that are rotated ad infinitum on Contemporary Country Radio Stations. I heard a song that included the line, "She thinks my tractor's sexy" in the chorus. Are they retarded? I don't mean mentally challenged. That's different. The people who dig this shit are retarded. To top it off, people call in and request songs that they've played every 16 1/2 minutes since six in the morning. Today, it was just me, and I brought in a few CDs. To start, Carla Kihlstedt & 2 Foot Yard. Sh's orked with everyone from Tom Waits to Derek Bailey. I know... 'Nuff Said! In addition to that, Mz. Kihlstedt is a founding member of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Tin Hat Trio, and Charming Hostess.
If you like her stuff, then I recommend Jewlia Eisenberg's Trilectic. You can find out all about her throught the Charming Hostess site.
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2 Foot Yard was released on Tzadik's Oracles series. The series is devoted exclusively to female musicians working in "new" musics. As it stands, I usually am thoroughly impressed with the musicality of all the Oracles releases. Tzadik releases always have merit and integrity, but they get a little avant and squeaky sometimes, and I'm not always in that mood. I don't know what elses to say about 2 foot yard, other than that I absolutely fucking love this album, and you should buy it.
Then, as a salve to follow Kihlstedt's aural sorbet; The Chosen Few Live In Miami. OOOweee. It's Jamaican soul with KC & the Sunshine Band. Go ahead and knock it. Make all the "Play that funky music, Clear Boy" jokes that you want, but this album has filled my airspace. Oh yeah, Fuck you! I like KC & the Sunshine Band.

For a digestif, I went for Dillinger Escape Plan's Miss Machine Album. Turn your speakers down before you click that one.
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The vocalist kind of jocks Mike Patton's style (not a short list), but he does it well and inventively. Plus, they rock.
Well Cats & Kittens, I could write all night, but I've got to hang out with Hammerhands for his 29th Birthday.
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