275 gallons of blood-red glue

I poked a hole in one of these with a forklift today.

It was 275 Gallons full of bright red glue, which went everywhere. It looked like I hit a cow or shot a dog... or a couple of dogs tried to eat a cow, and the cow killed them...

That's almost as cool as a mule killing a mountain lion...

Or an alligator with a whole deer in its mouth...

And now for something completely different, Real Live Communist Commercials! For some reason, I've been listening to Alone, Not Alone by Christina Carter at stupid volume (says it on the dial), staring at this picture, and trying to motivate myself to order Thai Food. Listen to Christina Carter Here. Recommended if you like John Fahey. (Kal-El, I'm looking in your direction)

Man! What do I want to eat? Not Banana Slug Erections. Iguess Christina Carter amkes you stare at anything. I just spent half an hour here... Looking at cars.

I heard that Jenna Mammina commissioned a Japanese Sitting Improvisational Dance Piece... for three... Shit, I compared Christina Carter to John Fahey. She's got an album called
Meditations On the Ascension of Blind Joe Death Vol. 1. It's on Ecstatic Yod, which, from what I can gather, is a badass bookstore with some LPs online.

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