Aggro Rufulis

The post of Agrufulis I threw up yesterday was of him doing "Telephone call to Constantinople" with a long-extinct local poptrio called Ali Baba's Tahini. I actually survived the course of their entire existence without accurately saying that name aloud. It eventually would come out like nananapoopoo. {Momentary aside:David Baker says that he's been around the world, and kids, when teasing in an off-kilter sing-song melodic playground context, do so primarily in the key of F}

The bass player quit. (He's the one who's not responsible for Agru's antics.) He'd gone down Carolina way to see the Bass Player's new Band. The old Bass Player in A.B.Poopoo was briefly replaced by our own favorite son of Krypton, Kal-El.

Which, hear tell, was a drag, overall. The guitar player from A.B.pblhttt went on to join Umphreys McGee. If you don't know them, then you probably don't wear conch jewelry, either. He took alot of A.B.shashashaaa songs and went on to have a moderate degree of success on the college(highschool) circuit.{Unnecessary Fingersnapping video} Agru says that they're still playing songs from the dead band, and, in all honesty, those songs were the only ones to get the crowd moving outside of a cover of Van Halen's
Hot for Teacher. {Unnecessary Hll & Oates reenactment}He thinks they're still riding the coattails of a defunct podunk band. I don't know enough to judge. I do like their t-shirts.

I told A.G.R.U. that I posted that MP3. He's all, "Oh that's awful!" I posted Yo's pic, and she's all, "oh not so photogenic." Hate to break it kiddies, but yer both fucking adorable.

I stumbled across some cool Digital Art. Be sure to watch the demo reel.

These look like great Digi stuff, but they're actually Microscopic.

Fiona Apple on Letterman...

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