The Kibosh

Hello me little Foxes & Cockses. It's been a minute, so expect this post to be a little rusty. here to begin? I killed a Pickup Truck and almost got into a barfight with a Pilot this week... More on that later, if I feel froggy enough. OSN has an unreleased Roots cut that rips. OSN is a great site for good MPthrees of the hippity-hoppity variety. I heard my Dad say Hip-Hop today. It made me feel the same way I did when he said Marijuana Cigarrette... Except this time I wasn't totally busted for anything.

Here's some music for Agrufulis, who's been itching for a new post. {warms my heart} enough with the Muzak, for now... What next? Maybe French Animation, Which remind me of Chinese Opera, Which made me think of Bhangra, and consequently Bollywood, then, for no apparent reason, Raymond Scott. Maybe I'll just post some Fuctup picture that will lead everyone to ignore all of this and run away...

Speaking of fuctup pics, this site has some very interesting stuff in its archives.

wOw! Now I know what is cool... as opposed to hot.

Check out these drawrings...

Meditate on it... Holy S#!T! Python v. Gator... Someone's been reading my fucking Diary!

I hate Brett Ratner... And he's directing the X-Men. WHy not Guillermo Del Toro?

Or howzabout Peter Jackson? He'd never come into do a sequel, most especially after King Kong makes him King of the World.

Permanently Fresh Beats that reek of Twinkies. Is this the new M.I.A.?

Run MTV through a Ramones Filter, and it still kind of sucks... except for the Ramones part of it.

Make your own Mugshot... if'n yer a dood.

Animal Collective makes videos?

3 Music nerds make a bet about as to which of them could construct the absolute worst 5-song mixtape. The loser has to walk around NY witha bigass LL Cool J boombox and blast the worst 10-song tape ever. Aziz Lost the Bet. The part with the Dawson's Creek Theme is... almost touching in a way.

Last, but not least...

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