Mentally sacrificing flawless bulls

I'm not necessarily ill, but I am beginning to feel like a regular stool...

Let's see what's new around the world this morning firstly. I've always felt an inevitable rite du passage that I'd see in my life is the eventual meldong of technology and clothing. Paper money is on its way out. I almost cringe when I see people using paper checks... that they haven't even begun to fill out... until they hear the total... in front of me in line at the grocery. How long until carrying that piece of magic money plastic seems as antiquated as those old Gutenberg press cha-chink carbon paper card swipers feel now. Well, if carrying the "idea of money" in your cufflink seems kooky, check out what Nanogirl has been working on lately.

I've been thinking that MC Styloh & Illy Na should get their own outpost in the backwoods of MI. I like the little Oniontop-looking one.

Though, in retrospect, Styloh's style's-oh-so-more-teepee... O. Henry! I can practically picture him with a feather in his hair and a fresh coat of war paint.

I need coffee, so I think I'll just link to a million versions of the song Popcorn, hundreds of hours of 78rpm recordings, and post a few pictures that I've had sitting around waiting for a reason to be put to use... sorry, filler.

I wanted to save these for a patriotic sweater post...

Maybe a few political ones... I don't even think I'm going to shower before I go out for Coffee. I'm such a bum.

See? Being blind
can be funny!

I said, see... hm

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