Rough weekend. A surly geriatric tried to scrap with me at an ART opening. Actual qute:"You wanna go? I'll go right here!" I just grinned red faced, and tipped my glass towards him with a nod. KJP hooked her arm into the crook of mine and whisked me away. If you have to be taken out of a situation, it's best to do with a pretty girl on your arm...

I'm just going to clean out my temporary bookmarks folder in the order I find them, as I want to take a nap.

Russian Pictures for all types.

People using Scratch & Sniff technology for evil.

Brian Eno is selling lots of Gear. I'm looking in your direction, Yo.)


It's sad to think about a generation that feels nothing when they look at this page.

Banterist sell his leather pants. Gets press.
Porn Posters... what!?

Bunuel Posters.
Pictures of drugs. Time to change the desktop wallpaper, Brah!

Tell me you couldn't see her eating your children.

Bad Hair Cuts on MySpace, with comparisons to Marvel Comics Characters. Comic book Nerd, or not, it's funny.

Every flight in America within a 24 hour period condensed to 60 seconds. That reminded me of a song by Die Toten Hosen that I would rock in High School. I gave away to some Dumb kid. "Jede Minute ist ein ganses Jahr/ Jede Secunde... Ein Monat!"

If you're already sick of the Russian/drug-themed desktop you put up a minute ago, Surrealism is Norman Rockwell in Earmuffs fishing Blue Lobsters for Tomato Cans in the Summer, and grinning...

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