Walt Disney ruined my life

People always talk about the dangers of exposing children to violent and sexual imagery in their media. Granted, I don't feel comfortable swimming because I saw Jaws when I was 5 or so. That was the same year that I saw Halloween. My folks were fine with death, but they'd cover my ears if someone said Bowels. At the rate children are acclimating themselves to the visceral fake realities of media culture, show them Psycho in the womb. The real dangers are the seemingly innocuous but, by extension, more formative swill we shovel into their little bowls. Bad guys lose. Good guys win, and again by extension, win possession of the girl. It's all going to work out, and true love exists. I hate to sound like a lemon, but true love exists when two people are mutually dissatisfied and they bear with it. If it's not about fucking or obsession or possession, then it won't last. Walt Disney ruined my life...

On a lighter childhood note, I found a picture of one of the villians from the new Spider-Man flick. I'm stoked, because the Sandman is classic Spidey Foe, yo.

Cyndi Lauper has a new album dropping on Tuesday. The last one was mostly Jazzy Ballads. It even featured a duet with Tony Friggin' Bennett. Sam Cooke never understood why paople went so apeshit for someone that sang offkey. Oh Well. It's like I always say about cooking. When you're dealing with an impossible ingredient, deepfry it.

Russian Paint by Numbers Porn.

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