I did this post before I mentioned quitting

It's a lame unfinished post that I didn't want to finish or throw away. As far as the New Bornean, I was going to metion how I thought its tail was its head, at first, and was blown away by how much it looked like a baby Brontosaurus, just like that movie with William Katt from Greatest American Hero. OK. Maybe I do want to finish it, but I'm at work, and I have a diatribe to spit.

I finally found my The Legendary Marvin Pontiac CD. I forgot how much I absolutely adore this CD. If I could record an album, I would want it to sound like
The Legendary Marvin Pontiac Vs. Hymie's Basement. Read up on the legend of Marvin. If I could figure out how to post MP3s, I would. I'm no good with computers. I'm just thin and pale.

I haven't been up for much posting lately. I think I'm going to take my camera to work tomorrow. My grind shows me terrible things. At least I have human ingenuity to thank for making me smile. After Katrina hit New Orleans, CNN posted a list of survivors on-line.
Check out the first name on the list. That guy rocks. I've long thought that one of the best parts of being a Big-Time lottery winner is the opportunity for a national press conference. Most people just say goshthanks and manI'mlucky, and they still get press for smiling behind a big check. I'm not recommending throwing out a hail satan and a Sieg Hi! hand salute on national TV, but I would have to put a little thought into those few minutes on that microphone. "Hi! I just won 300+ million bucks, and I'd like to say a few words..." EF Hutton would turn an ear to that.
I could be subtle about it, and just use my riches to fund an endless string of shitty jobs for a decade or two. Just get a job, and work it until somebody steps on you. You know some Burger King manager outside of Dubuque absolutely who relishes his little toehold of power. Fucker wears a tie to work. Doing the businessman thing is what he tells his old high school classmates when they pick up their orders at window two. Leaning though that little window and wearing a paper hat, no place to go but up like a rocket for him. Get a job working for that Assjack, and wait for the day where you are certain he thinks the shit he's giving you is original and sweet, then show him the newspaper article about how the guy who won 300+ in the lottery is going to buy a plot of land and a Steam Shovel and dig and redig big holes in his yard for the rest of his days.

Watch a Horse just beat that thing up.

While I'm getting
animalistic, They found a new one in Borneo. "New animal found in Borneo", with this picture...

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