The resultant hum of thrill becoming normal

Labies and Gentals, I give you Shigeo Fukuda. Trust me, and spend some time looking here. I think it's positively gorgonic.

Amazing, but true; I wasn't ever really that into Star Wars. I do, however, like watching Yoda rap and breakdance...

I'm not sure when the political climate shifted from voting for, as opposed to against, candidates. This dreary climate does little to dampen my enthusiasm for politics. It's my sports. It does, however, lead me to be a little disaffected as far as action is concerned. I vote... and I'm going to flip a Hummer the Bird tomorrow. They make those fucking things in my town. Get mad. Make a statement.

I have to work again this weekend. That means no trip to Blington for another week. That sucks, as I miss Ms. Yo and Amor Loco desperately. I'm going to have well over 110 hours on this paycheck. That means sushi dinner. I'm going to rent a hotel room, so I can go swimming, too.

SQUIRMy Japanese Theremin. {Gratuitous Sex & Violins}... You find funny things when you are trying to find a justification for an awful pun and a silly picture. Hip-Hip Hotty? Check, Maxim Steez... Origami? Hai! Double GUITAR! Dirty Jew Talk? Kevin Federline (Britney's Babydaddy) Rapping? Is anyone still with me?

Sun Ra on SNL, yo.

From where do German babies come?

I collect vintage pictures of couples. Some people collect pictures of women with dogs.

If asked to encapsulate America, I might just point here... Speaking of which, a cowbot was in my warehouse today. Tall and lean like Hank WIlliams, he was. He had the hat and boots and everything. He came in with a group of salesmen and my Dad. Pops and I, as always, smoked simultaneous cigarettes as a greeting. The cowboy whipped out a pack of Reds, and partook, as well. "Where's y'all's rehstroohm eht?" I said "down the end of that aisle, door on the left." "Thank yeh kahndly," as he swaggered towards the john. That was fucking perfect, I said to myself, grinning as one who's seen too many movies.

This site was in one of my very first posts. I stumbled across it again today, and I smiled again. P.S. What is Swedish for "frottage club"?

Hail Satan.

20 JFGs has Bonny Prince Billy & Tortoise covering DEVO...

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