Eye stair threw pains

I'm still having such a problem figuring out my new mobile phone. It seems that I only way I can successfully recharge, is to go to the place I bought it. They close so early, and aren't open on Sunday. KJP is probably flipping out. I'm stressed, and don't even want to worry about it now.
I've got a big test on Monday, and I have to plan a lesson for the advanced class, as well. They all speak better English than half of the teachers in my program. I completely flopped the last time that I had to teach them, so I want this lesson to be good. I'll figure out something.
My roommate Wills and I went out on a seriouis piss seconds after class eneded on Friday. At the end of a long night, a cab driver tried to charge us 3 times what he he should have. We told him to go fuck himself, and gave him 200 crowns, which is more than he desrved. The Czechs will try to fuck you. Count your change. Take the Metro instead of a cab, if you can. Walk, if you need to, but watch out for dogshit.
I've been a slut for Milan Kundera novels since I landed here. They're soooo good. I'm staying in for the night, to plan my lesson and revise for my test. I feel like such a nerd, but I just want to get this certificate, and start actually living here.
Oh yeah, as far as roulette is concerned, if you are chasing a number, do not quit until you catch it. I was down to my last few crowns, and finally, 8 told the kid it loved him veryvery much. Now I know why 8 in Czech is Awesome.

I saw a bunch of Hasids staring at this the other day, while a jazz band played the girl from ipanema in the freezing cold. It's been stuck in my head since then.

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