The day today

I've been focusing the bulk of my blog time on the RTPrague site. I forgot my camera today, so I'll spit a little chum into the water for the faithful.
I was riding on the tram, watching people. We pulled up to the stop at Lipanska, and a man sitting near me motioned out the window to someone standing at the stop. "Get on the tram" he signalled. I looked out to the stop, and a man with an umbrella signalled back, "No, you get off of the tram." The man on the tram, with two fingers, clearly stated, "Get on the tram if you want to talk to me, because I'm not getting off of the tram." Umbrella man was having none of that. "Get off the tram," also with two fingers. The doors closed, and the man on the tram shrugged. "Alright..." As the tram pulled away towards Husinecka, the umbrella rubbed his fingers together with his thumb. Clearly, "Where's my money, fucker?" The man on the tram just stared at his empty hands. The next stop was mine.
For what do you use your nose? I've been covering lots of lessons for one of the other teachers at Prague Institute this week. It's a little difficult to keep track of where everyone is in their individual curriculae. I had a 2 hour long beginner lesson at the Pesticide Research company on the north side. I threw together a few little exercises. Those in combination with my usual bag of tricks should have easily been enough to pad out 2 hours worth of teaching in addition to their books... excepting that I brought the wrong books. 8 students for 2 hours basically off the top of my dome, and I succeeded with flying colors. One of the students told me that I was the most good teacher. So, I'm feeling cocky. The same student also told me what her nose is used for:feeling air.
I've got to eat before my next lesson, but keep checking back. I cancelled my MySpace account, because I was totally wasting my time with it and neglecting my loyal readers.

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wasting time. time wasting. time time. waisting waisting? um yeah wheres my money fucko....and bye the weigh eye and i have my my spacie. stacie. i hate the glitch bitch. no but a a its passover you big goofy kite. love and wishes. dirty dishes. bp