It's been a month, and that's BS

Well Kiddies, my digicam is on the fritz, so expect slightly more regular updating on this, my original sanctum sanctorum. I can't post long today, as I've got to work. I'm getting excited, because KJP will be here in a few short weeks, and she's staying for good. Nothing makes me happier than that.

What else? Bob Marley died today. He was treated at the same cancer research center as my Mom; Sloan-Kettering. KJP and I went to Jamaica awhile back, and we were saturated with every single possible variation on Three Little Birds that you could imagine. They even dropped it elevator muzak steez... geez louise.

I'll bet this badass was the product of some really hot Bear-on-Bear. I wonder where Timothy Treadwell was for that one.

My favorite Baristo, Tomas, just asked me what the status of Puerto Rico is in relation to the US. He thought it was a territory. I thought it was a commonwealth. It's a territory with commonwealth status. Now you know...

Check out Aster Erebros' blog. It's chock full of his musings that, at first glance and ostensibly, skirt the mundane while avoiding any and all banality.

Stephen Colbert improves upon our wildest dreams...

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