Pregnant Sleep (grappling with Freud)

The last few nights have been full to the brim with a motley mishmash of strange dreaming. Granted, the Train Station Morlocks (I know, so UN-PC) at Hlavni Nadrazi and Masarykovo Nadrazi are enough to bring up Bosch from the cellar.

Just the other morning, I was a barkeep in a Gaiman Tavern. A hundred gladiators hustled through the entryway and past me. They insisted that they were on their way to phase three... "What's phase three?" Even in dreams, I can't keep my trap shut. Phase three, you see, involves chopping down the forest. KJP called me in the middle of that one, thankfully.

Jayne Mansfield died today in '67. I always think of that scene from the movie Crash (the cool Cronenberg one... SPADER!) where they recreate her tragic accident. Oh! The little dog! ProtoMansfieldians and subsequent clonage...

In my opinion, none of these ladies hold a candle to the inimitable Louise Brooks.

She, herself, only pales in comparison to the beautiful Ms. KJP.

I will not have to miss my Lady, but for a few short days more. KJP will be living in Prague in less than a week! I'm just thrilled. No more late-night mope fests for the Kid.

rrr... I was going to post on Devo 2.0 (Devo in a joint venture with Disney?) I couldn't bring myself to do it. I wonder if they will play sloppy. Listen to sound effects instead.

Nothing says summer to me like Mormons in wet culottes...

USB Recordable Turntable, for people that listen to records...

For some reason, I don't think that Borat will play in the CR. I'll take a train to London to see it, if I have to do so.

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