Kde je moje divka?

KJP will be here in no time.

My online time has become more than a little scattershot. Let's see what floats to the top this morning... Let's start with a heapin' helpin' of Brazilian music videos. I stumbled across this page looking for Os Mutantes stuff, what with their big documentary coming out...

Where from there? Cool pics.

Play the Pianola. It can get annoying fast, so, restrain yourself.

I wish I had more Bruce McCulloch. I was singing Eraserhead the other day when I realized that I missed his stuff.

Have you seen the video for Mojo by Peeping Tom yet? KJP and I are going to try to see them in Belgium. I cannot wait. It's got DeVito innit.
My Dad would always sing this song when I was little.

I can't help but smirk as I write this... Badass Watermelon Carving.

Detroit Rock City. I hear that my wearing of Tigers Apparel is longer to be construed as ironic. Truth be told, it never was.

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