I assume my faithful readers (both) have already checked out my Plastic People of the UniverseSaid the GramophonePsi Vojaci. It's good listening. I'm going to try to track down some more today. eMusic has MP3s, but I'm trying for freebies...

I can't wait to get to some of the art shows going on seemingly all over in this town. KJP and I caught the Saudek exhibit at Dům U bílého jednorožce. I think it translates to something like the house of the white unicorn. His work is really gender charged. Either you hate it or you love it or you don't feel too strongly either way, which is where I'm at. He does Photos, and his technical skill, outside of subject matter, is absolutely breathtaking.

He also paints.

I'm on the fence about Jan, but his partner, Sára Saudková, has some more delicate work that covers similar territory.

Oh yeah. Saudek's work was used for that one Soul Asylum album cover. You know, the one with Runaway Train on it. Speaking of my Home away from, Czech Scientists have invented, wait for it, a new kind of beer. This one helps with the menopause... That's right,
page. Well, Will Butler from The Arcade Fire has done a guest post at about another cool Czech band called the menopause.

I've been working on a short story about a man who visualizes the bones of batwings as fingers not wholly dissimilar to his own. Leonardo had a thought along the same lines, but his were for swimming.

Does anyone speak Russian?

I was in Millenium Park in Chicago. A two foot wide 3 foot high concrete wall surrounds the big metallic bean. I was tired from walking, and sat on it. Park security told me that I couldn't sit on this perfect place to sit in a park on a sunny day. My first thought was why not, which led to why. I just kept my trap shut and moved along.

I really wish that recordings of Blind Tom existed.

I'm a sucker for the cheesecake. Peep these.

I got a kick out of theseworks by Julian De Narvaez...

Well, hell. While I'm covering Frenchies with the middle name of De, here's
Andre Martin de Barros.

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