Weird thoughts have been visiting me at night. The plural of rolodex, and the fact that they put bibles in hotel rooms struck me as odd. Quick post, and then I am off to my lessons. Firstly, I stumbled across the work of Gary Evans. He's showing paintings at the Prague Bienniale. I don't want to miss that. His stuff reminds me of KJP's.

While we're on the Artyfarty, I've been digging Misha Gravenor. Phot diptychs will eternally remind me of Ralph Gibson, I like her stuff on its own merits.

Nothing else to say about these, except AWESOME RUSSIAN PHOTOS. I want posters of all of them! This guy did some advertising for Vodaphone that is everywhere. It's 12:22... again.

Hakki Ceylan. Cool pics.

I've been thing a lot about my friend, the #5, the 5% solution, the Throat Chakrashocker... step up to the Mic. That's Willie Nelson.

What's up with Karube Takehiro? I think he needs a hug.

Living in a land of fairy tale castles, I've sort of forgotten my penchant for modern ruins.

A couple of world wars, and you get ruins. That's for sure. I was talking with some students about the lasting effects of war and communism on Czech's cultural attitude. I had just watched Jon Stewart's post-9/11 monologue. They should play that in classrooms across the country. Thinking about that national tragedy made me realize that we are so fortunate that our taste of war at home is so miniscule in the grand scheme...

Now that I feel glum, draw a pig and find out what it says about your personality... I'm for serious. If all the war imagery didn't bring you down, here's a picture of Jerry Lewis. He's still alive...

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