Lord loves a LuWorm

I was all warmed up to do a rockin' Memphis Minnie post, but I got sidetracked... it happens. I was flipping through pictures that I took whilst walking around during my first few weeks here. It was strange to knit those far-away unknowables with what has become relatively familiar. I didn't realize it then, but I was absolutely on fire on September 19th of last year. These meager few are perfect examples of my generic approach to photographic composition. I could shoot for the rest of my life, and never feel comfortable with what I'm doing with my corners..

Soooo, that gives a rough idea of an average day for me. I'll be getting internerd in my flat soon, then the real deal will be back in effect. Go ahead and call it a come-back. PS Lord loves a LuWorm most particularly for referencing Ukelele Spaghetti when I mentioned Bob Brozman. Dig up a copy of Blue Hula Stomp!

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