few and far

I wish I had internet connection in my flat. I would update this with frequency, and I would respond to all those emails from freinds that are drifting further away... sigh. Oh well. I've been keeping a list of things that I want to post on, as opposed to surfing until I found something quirky to comment on. Here we go. First up in my little notebook is Sister Corita.
This is going to be a slapdash affair, but I've got stuff to do today.

I went to Vienna last weekend. I must say that some of the sweetest people I know are Austrian Anarchists. I caught lots of great ART, but this lady blew me away ; Elke Krystufek.

I've got tons more, but I feel the need to leave this cafe and walk around.. Iwas going to write about Jeff Goldblum, DOn Rickles (totally still alive), and my undying love for purple rain...

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yo řekl(a)...

I loves you!!!!

So, if you're on the internets, you should totally look up Prince's cover of Joni's "A Case Of You". Soooo smooth. There is nothing that man can't do.