The 5% Solution

According to science, this should make you think of a particular vegetable...

Are you thinking of a Vegetable?

This isn't really about Vegetables, or even one in particular.

It's just a special coded message to Soul Brother Five, The Throat Point, to whom the numerical fist is foremost. It's not crazy, it's numeric. This is crazy.
[straightjacket.jpg (6 kB)]

Then again, strange things are tied to 5s. This came up through a search of "5"...
Five blinded otolaryngologists
then graded the severity of posterior commissure hypertrophy (pachydermia) ...

I'm not sure, but I think it has to do with throats.

5 is alive
5 is capitalism empowering and based on human action? a key element of the social vision propounded by capitalism
5 is back in spotlight
5 is available on escher
5 is an arm's length away by michael singer
5 is addictive by ken walston of the journal click to enlarge
5 is now available
5 is there life after unexplained crying?
5 is at a standstill? monday
5 is knowing unix optional? does it help to know unix? yes and yes
5 is imac compatible staff report
5 is europe's launcher to meet the challenges of the new century
5 is better than 4 & 6? michael porter five forces model
5 is fine
5 is a world
5 is there
5 is a 10
5 is your number by retroactivism
5 is capitalism empowering and based on human action?
5 is available in 36" and 48"
5 is a great place to spice up a chilly night
5 is coming to showtime
5 is available
5 is packaged new packaging simplifies purchasing and installation processes
5 is finally coming
5 is released
5 is the breakthrough
5 is not required framework section
5 is used for streaming high
5 is available date

Are you thinking of Carrots?

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