what's up with that Pingwin's Eye?

I promised to up the evening's Pingwin content. According the Antarctic Eskimo lore, Curry is Pingwin Kryptonite
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Pingwins are also surprisingly prolific tunnelers, creating vast networks of underground passages that theoretically encircle the globe.

KRS-10 has blueprints for a Biodome and a plan involving Penguins. I've seen the plan, and it's in crayon.

She actually has a great story about this dinner party she went to with 9 other strangers, one of whom turns out to be an adult male Pingwin. Sufficed to say, everything worked out as a matter of sorts excepting the mysterious pingwin's unfortunate and premature demise, and the whole affair was truly one to be remembered. That's a story for another day... Here's a picAdelie penguin colony. Dead penguin is in the centre

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