So Much Fun!!!

I was trying to find some music sites for Hammerhands, so he didn't get Jealous of the Love I threw to The Knife, and I stumbled across this little gem. Poke around, as there is tons of fun here!

Some of that stuff made me feel like Cary Grant with a headful of Lysegic Acid Diethylamide 25.

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Been there...

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nackle jack řekl(a)...

the rhazel was rhad. thanks for the dub. its funny that picture of buoyes on the ubu sit. b hawkins was saying that he was a nazi fighter pilot and got gunned down in the russian side of shit. the tartars wrapped in fat and felt (hugchair?) fed him yak love and smugglled him back into nazi germany where he received the reconstructive face plant and the rest is his story. bp

Anonymní řekl(a)...

the tartars wrapped him in the fat and felt. did i say hugchair again.