New Pope, and I am Stoked!

I don't watch sports. Nothing against them, but they just don't hold my attention. Football (American) is just too Homoerotic, what with the pants and undercarriage ball-handling. The sound of Basketball shoes screeching on the court fills my head up with seagulls... I don't need to justify not watching Hockey. I can just imagine my grandkid staring at me wide-eyed as I explained, "Not only did they have knives on their fedet, but they also carried big curved sticks."
In place of Athletics, I usually get all excited about Politics. Presidential Debates? The Fucking Olympics! Now, however, all my eyes (both) are firmly trained on Rome. New Pope! All of the Pomp, and I can't wait. I wanted to go, but I couldn't get a room in Rome. For the guy Who didn't believe Hammerhands about the Pope being tapped three times with a hammer to ensure his deceased status, click here, Smarty!

Kumiko is excited about New Pope, too.

asian tits bouncing

I'm also sad that I can't visit my crew this weekend. I've got to work tomorrow. That's right, WORK on Saturday. Bullshit! Here's a little something to tide Soul Brother Cinco over until I can get back.I've got a ton of Papal Bull that I want to post, but I'm going to go see Sin City!

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