This is for The Knife

These have been around the world forever, but they're new to The Knife.

Bob Dozier

OK... I started Poking around the on-line weapon community for funny knife pictures... I'm never going to leave the house again. don't care with pitbull

I can just see some redneck on dial-up, just waiting for this picture to download, so he can show his sister how sweet it is. "Ah ain't ahfraid uhnno Pitbull. Nuhoh!"
Cuddy was playing with a knife in the kitchen. His dad told him to be careful, and Cuddy said "this knife wouldn't cu... ow."

funny-knife thrower

Knife is getting married soon. I wonder if it's too late to get some of this Dragonclaw action.
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I bet people who choose the Dragonclaw Wedding Cake Knife set about as often as couples make their guests dress up in their usual Comicon Regalia...

Then again, people do love a theme Party. It kinda makes me itch to throw a Vestival.Click to view item details

Jennifer Manlove and Mike Duggan, both wearing vintage-style outfits, dance at their January 1999 wedding receptionBride and Groom

It's either going to be a Vestivus... or a Viking Wedding.
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