The bad news is that's the good news...

Computer malfunctions! I keep losing beautiful crafted and heartfelt posts to this malfunction nonsense... Here we go again... More New Cool Art... Check out the Biosphere series...

"Believe it or not,
I think Bryant Gumbel's Straight Nigga", Quoth M.E.T.H.O.D. Man...

Gogol Bordello has a video for "Start Wearing Purple". Speaking of cool videos, here's one for my Homie in 3 Oaks, MC Styloh... He's a 2nd Gen Agrufulis, which means he'll probably drive slow, too.

I got inspired to do a little Photoshop by the cool art over at
Information Aesthetics. I spend hours looking at this work. This picture has something to do with e. Coli.

I've typed about it before, but seriously check out the
Music Genome Project. I listen to it all day long. Today, It's been Petra Haden Radio. Her Who Covers are fantastic. French Cartoons, & French People fucking with Belgians. Japanese Stuff, Russian Stuff, Mexican Stuff, More Japanese Stuff, British Stuff, Spanish Stuff... It's like a fucking Benneton Ad consists of thousands of hours of mind thumping internet nuggets. You can get lost indefinitely. Just keep hitting links.While I'm a-gettin' all WorldBeat up in here, peep these Nature Shots.

How could I forget about all those
Italian Freaks & Motherfuckers? These guys are gorgonizing.

Want to watch a bazillion Music Videos? Me neither, but some of them are cool...
Isn't Monday talk like a Pirate day, or something?

Jeremy Cantor is very clever... The Spin Doctors have a new album... yeah. Video of New Orleans Cops looting. Who's going to shoot them? I love reading the hatemail on sites that are, hopehope, obviously jokes. Jesus Christ, Do Ninjas Fucking Rock & Black People Love Us, for example. Maybe I should do something to get hatemail... What's better than winning at the Special Olympics? Being able to walk. That oughta do it.
One more for the road... Amazingly big polaroids!

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agrufulis here. with every hope in the world styloh drives slow. the wolfram tones are great with a little geeking.