FU Carnivore! FU Herbivore! FU Omnivore!

Agrufulis, My only reader, will love this move, if for no other reason than the line, "I wish I could eat pasta doggystyle." Japanese Hippies make as much sense as American ones, apparently... I can't believe this cartoon is a Student film... The Bikinis of Islam....

Some amazing weird half-animal ART... Stuff like this has been plaguing my dreams lately. Video of a stringy Nematomorpha coming out of a bugs butt. More fucking pictures of fucking kittens than you've ever fucking seen... sooo kewt. (4 Joonya). The Master of THighs has a nice 'lil A CLockwork Orange Post up today... Viddy Well, and don't get any on yer pletchkoes... How about a High School Percussion Ensemble covering DJ Shadow? It's a loooong download...
Someone's compiled all of this cringeinducing video clips that circle in the ether. Mute it, because they laid down some popalternagrunge nonsense... fucks with me as is. I've seen all of these before, but the constant barrage made my face hurt, while also tightening my stomach area. Then again, those symptoms could also be caused by all of the Root Beer Barrels & Orange Tic-Tacs I've been eating. Motherfucker's on a binge.
Dumb Swedes in Coats.
This Gurl has the best T-Shirts... and she knows how to use them.

PLAY GOD, or just stare at your hand and watch it get all melty

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