Cats, and then Kittens

Let's throw something quick & easy up here. My computer room is HOT, but not as hot as, say, Al Green on Soul Train in the 70's!

I don't know what to make of this guy. He's cool, but I don't know that I'd
want to stand next to him during his act... I'm not sure exactly what Solipsistic is all about, but I know I love it...

haha... WHat happens when a truck full of granite slabs hits the brakes?


I don't know that it's a fetish, I'm just saying that
I wouldn't mind so much... (Warning... Bare Asses Smacking...) Of course, all that I could hope to expect in this town is a little of what they call the Mishawaka 2step. I've seen it happen. Who wants a badass album cover? This'll get your name in the paper, fersherr.

I thinks it's classy... like an
ugly green shirt, it's classy. My computer's been crashing, & this is my third attempt at posting, so I'm gonna keep it succinct. Mad Dad throws a hissyfit at school & makes a real ass out of himself... DUI=Dialing under the influence... Listen to this voicemail, as it's hilarious. Remember, B. Rose's Phone Number is 512.970.5265. What happens when you pop water balloons in Zero Gravity?

Turkish Wizard of Oz...

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