Waits Post

I'm in a strange funk, and the only way to beat it, I think, is to do a bang-up Tom Waits Post, then go accomplish stuff all day. I'm going to need coffee next. Not a bad funk, just strange...

I wish I knew how to mix up the look of this page... I'm not very good with computers. I'm just thin & pale. I'm tall, and I suck at basketball. Enough of my yakkin'. Grab some Waits from Russia...

If you want to know anything about anything remotely involved with Waits, then ask The Keeslau. The information on this site is jaw-droppingly complete. Nothing else even compares... The Juggly Guy reminds me of The Black Rider.

If you are into trading, you have to go to the Dutch. Also, go Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, & Here. These are a few really solid starting places for collecting live Waits.
Ok, now pictures: Here, Here, Here, {I've decided that some of these picture sites are so fun to look through, that I'd let you dig for them yourselves. Besides, you know what he looks like}Here, Here, Here, {God, I can get so lost in this sea of pictures} Here, Here, Here... I've got hundreds more. If you want, email me...
Oh Yeah! Check these Sketches... This guy's primary fixations are Tom Waits & Hieronymus Bosch; He's my kind of nerdo.
Anyhow, the whole reason for this Waits-heavy post is that I was reminded of the long-lost fabled Rotoscope Project that Waits did with Bakshi, read more at Keeslau.
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