Sedentary Mayhem

I've been getting an inordinate amount of emails promising to connect me with hot hornies in my area with the click of a button. It makes me want to post a (fake) personal ad with this picture... but what would I be looking for if only I were a Texan Beauty Pageant Contestant?

Probably the same thing I want now, which is Norwegian Quilts.

I've always loved toy instruments. While I was in Norwegia looking at quilts, I found some cool nerdo ART.

I shouldn't fuck with that personal ad nonsense.. Any relationship I get involved in is going to prove itself... messy.

Though not as messy as a good freestyle Unicycle Video.

What else? I'm heading to Three Oaks, shortly... Funny Cartoons? Helpful Black Man Toothpaste? I don't know. I'm hungry.

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Yo řekl(a)...

hey, do you own any michael chapman records?? i just got an offer to book him at the church, with the no neck blues band (awesome!!!)