The last 3 times I wanted to punch someone were this week

All three of these champions started unsolicited conversations with me at a Bar where my friend KJP works. #1 was a classic mumblemouth rummy who kept muttering "goodfuckingluck" and, as a complete and recurring non sequitur "U.S. Steel". He called me a Geek and pointed. #2 wouldn't lay off the ungrateful "Negroes" in Louisiana. I just steered that conversation towards Mark Twain, about whom, he knew a surprising amount. #3... I'll write more about him when I have more time on my hands and coffee in my blood.
2 tidbitsabout drunky #3; "What kind of books do you like to read," he says upon being informed and assured and re-assured that I do indeed know less about sports than a little girl, and that I spend my time reading, instead. "I read it all, but I keep coming back to the same group of macho mid-century fiction: Steinbeck, Fante, Miller, Saroyan...", I proffered, keeping my penchant for anti-colonial, hysterically Homoerotica to myself. "You know what you should read?" The ? brought me pause. What should I read? Anna Karenina? Madame Bovary? War and Peace? No. I should read A Purpose-Driven Life.... I bit my tongue to keep from retorting that he should probably have a go at Chicken Soup for my Dick.
The subject eventually turned towards music. I told him I like the Blues a great deal. He perked up surprised and popped out a sound-bite fart,"Negroes?" Again, Chicken Soup for my Dick.
He also asked, in ALL SERIOUSNESS, who the "High Yellow Queer" he was trying to remember was, even cursing, to himself and under his breath "Queerer than a 3$ Bill." I felt as if I was Brer RTP debating with a Tar-Brained Baby. Oh yeah, It was Johnny Mathis, who, I hear tell, puts on a
hell of a show.

Take your mind off it with the wonders of modern Magnetism, or weirdweird Dance Punk Video. Didn't work? Adorable Japanese Robot Drum Solo? Maybe just another fuctup istraction pic...

To think, I thought sweaters looked stupid on dogs. In the interest of equal time, from Dicks to Cunts.

This video reminds me of that old school Weird Al interpretation of that one Dire Straits MTV video.

Sheet Music for Native American Songs. I thought the SQUIRMarmy might like this... If you're gonna do a little hayhoya dance, at least do it all around the world. Oh! Drunky #3 was in a Fraternity (ser-prize). When I told him I wasn't, he asked why. Here's why.

Check out this awesome kids book... on a lighter note. I've got stuff to do, so suck on this, in the meantime.

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