I just lost an extensive post because of some computronic fart. Unfortunately, I cleaned out my folders as I was doing it. Big long post... reckon it musta been about this big. (Comedian then holds out only one of his hands, as if sizing up an imaginary fish. Waits for laughter.) Oh well! Only real loss was this funny ad for a "Vibrator" from the 50's. It showed this Americature of this dude giving himself, what can only be described as being, a Neck Job. Watch some uncensored Full House Outtakes. Watch Mitch Hedberg be funny. Watch cute Japanese bunnypeople reenact D-Day from th Amrican POV. Speaking of WWII, check out this historical Plastic Surgery Page. I don't know what this is. I think it's some sort of commercial... See, He's a ONE-Armed Fisherman. I'm so pissed I lost an awesome post. Let's see what I can remember... I found this old poster,

Which is, obviously, the source of the Misfits Skull Icon,

Whic reminded me of this tidbit of Bloomington lore involving Glenn Danzig, in town at the time, and Danzig, standing right fucking behind said guy at that exact moment, and, in turn, beating shit out of said guy. No known video exists of that exchange. I do, however, have video of Danzig talking shit, and, as a matter of fairness, getting knocked the fuck out, himself.

All of the aggression in the air... It's enough to make cute little Bjork beat the shit out of someone. "Welcome to Bangkok!"

I've been spun out on the new Fiona Apple for days. I just picked up the Dual Disk version with live videos. I know I'm a slut. I'm buying the Vinyl, too. The footage of her at Largo with Nickel Creek is really great. Goddamn! Chris Thile is a badass Mandolinian!

Check out the video for Not About Love at her site. Big bearded Zach just lipsynchs while reading from a sheet of notebook paper. Funny. It blows her previous Lolita stuff out of the water. I feel like the video for criminal led lots of people to just dismiss her. Take Heed. If you make a video in your underwear, play football, or something. It's funnier, and it's funner.

I can't remember anything else from, what shall heretofore be referred to as being, the lost post. Pimp Juice? Crunk Sauce? Try the bottled fury of the Seagal!

If you need a fresh reggae mix, go here.

Music videos can be cool. Who knew?

The extragavance of the Hair Metal era of LA is often demonstrated by the No Brown M&Ms clause in Van Halen's Rider. The number 5 explained to me that this was actually canny prudence on their part. Their shows at the time were so complex and sprawling that one mistake at a venue could potentially bring the whole circus to a cataclysmic halt. The included the candy clause at the very end of the rider, simply to ensure that they've read the whole thing. It's hard to pay attention to all of the details when you're doing blow and getting blown. Listen to Eddie gargle wine for breakfast and talk about his mom dying on some morning radio show.

I can't think of a Make-Hitler-Squeal-like-a-Piggy joke...

Watch This.

Beware of the Blog. This place is big fun. It has been a loong time since I've had a pint of Genius.

While I'm filling my pants with music videos here, allow me to drop the Unicorns L.A. You must admit that "lalala/Unicorns L.A./lalala/Unicorns L.A./heyheyhey..." is a line in a song.

Some part of me actually likes it. I think it's my ass. Don't do Drugs.

What else can I say other than people on acid eating hot dogs, ferreals.

On a lighter note, Young boomboxes in love.

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