Long weekend off

I've got an apartment in Prague... I can't believe I just wrote that, for real. It costs about 435 dollars a month. It's in downtown Prague. It's got Cable TV and Wireless Hi-Speed Internet.

I'm going to be living in Europe...

The Europe.


Everyone's going to be so different. I mean, I know that everyone is dumb all over and ugly on the side, because we're made in God's image. People do it all the time. It only seems like a big deal, because I'm not this guy.

Let's talk about Alice in Wonderland for a minute. It's obvious that Lewis Carroll loved Alice Liddell with all his heart. He wrote the book as a gift to her... longhand with illustrations. Now, In this age of molestations and inescapable suspicion, his penchant for photographing young girls seems creepy. At the same time, they are really beautiful pictures.
When Alice turned 11, the Liddell family banished Alice from his company. What happened? Again, Creepy. Did he molest her, or, as I sometimes truly believe, did this Genius Reverend ask her hand in marriage with only the chastest of devoted intentions? As fucked as this situation is, it's heartbreaking when viewed as a cautionary parable about innocence in this face of a truly powerful muse. Read up on it at Keeslau {My Hero, Yo}, and then listen to the album by Waits. I think it's my favorite album by him, and that's saying lots.

Did you hear the news about Edward?(2)
On the back of his head he had another face
Was it a woman's face or a young girl?
They said to remove it would kill him
So poor Edward was doomed

The face could laugh and cry
It was his devil twin
And at night she spoke to him
Things heard only in hell
But they were impossible to separate
Chained together for life

Finally the bell tolled his doom
He took a suite of rooms
And hung himself and her from the balcony irons
Some still believe he was freed from her
But I knew her too well
I say she drove him to suicide
And took poor Edward to hell

Cool art shows, anywhere in the world...

Japanese artists are cool.

Then again, sometimes Japanese stuff seems wierd, in general. I mean, what's this?

Beats me. This is cool. Anyone need an image for a rockshow flyer?

I don't think KRS-10 reads this shit anymore, but here's a Pingwin pic, anyhow...

It's called "The Unbearable Sadness of Being". How does one make a Jesus joke that ties into Lizards? Turn your sound OFF, and watch cool KungFu. They lay Kung-Fu Fighting over the whole montage.I hate that fucking song. It's like Flo & Eddie said, " Regardless of race, color and creed, We can all agree on one thing. That song sucks!"

I love the show Arrested Development. Gob is a magicion whos totally hams it up, and it's always hilarious when he does his magic show stuff. I thought he was over the top. Nono... Stallion is over the top, and serious as cancer, to boot.

Well, I just went on a race rant the other day, then I decide to look into what is called racialist music. I call it, "I fuck my relatives, and I know a G chord" music. This shit is fukt! Look at this!

These girls are SERIOUS... It makes me rethink my feelings on the Olsen Twins first album...

I'm going to start goldplating saltines and handing out Cracker Awards. Just another day in the Sideshow... (that's totally Gary Busey on the left)

New Mozart and other aural goods...

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Anonymní řekl(a)...

prssian blue whjos for you with ale thee dales to romp a least you have the iternet. yo commie bastard if youdont like america wy dnt you go live sommer elz. agrufulis

Anonymní řekl(a)...

Ryan, thanks for starting my day on a fucked up note. I had never heard the term "racialist music" before, and now I wish I never had. Prussian Blue makes me want to stab myself in my eyes, over and over and over.

I liked the Avalanches video.