octopus tears in a squid's eyes

I'm going to live here... It makes me feel like a real cool cat. Maybe I should buy a beret. This move is happening just in time. My job has been uberhellish. We called the new owners today, and asked if they could send a person over to lend a hand, because my coworkers haven't been showing, and, when they do, they always HAVE to leave early.
"Why are you leaving when we have so much left to do, yet?"
"I've got kids."
I shit you not.
We called the new bosses, and explained the increasingly dire situation. They said "Suck it up."
Again, shit not. Being spoken to in such a manner by one who's grown makes me want to overreact.
Suck it up? I hope you're talking about you and my nuts, you dick. How many more masculine metaphors can I cram into this rant... cram.
No wonder that I go home and stuff my head with fractal cabbage and see stars.

Speaking of dreams, watch one about my small love.

Wow, check this out...

The cool thing about getting certified to teach ESL, is that I can do it anywhere in the world. I want to spend a year in Brazil, I think. I hear that they pay you very well to teach in the Middle East.

Bo Diddley... 'nuff said. Hell, let's do some music videos. Crispin Glover?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Karen O is completely capable of having a crush had upon.

Vincent Gallo's Paris Hilton Panty Rotisserie? Yes, please.


I can't overestimate the importance of the role that one Syd Barrett played in to formation of my musical taste and obsessions.

Did you know that you've always known a Sun Ra Tune?

I think I'll wrap up this spiel with the Tom Waits song that we all sang along to in High School.

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