Here's some more fashion show shots. Working with a digital camera really makes me long for Chemical smells and very dark rooms.

OK, I'm sort of at a loss for what to post, mostly because I've been working incessantly. I can't hardly get motivated to keep preparing to move to Prague, much less feel the need squeeze out an enthusiastic post about the biggest unsolved ART crimes or cool PORN... OK, the porn is kinda cool.

I like to poke through the potpourri sections of sites. These MP3s were dug out of the cracks in Napster's nether regions. You remember Napster? From back in the day? This kid rocks Jad Fair hard. I wonder who he is. If you're only going to listen to 1, then I recommend "How do you stinking feel?" I smell a SQUIRM cover... either that, or something from Ginsberg's
Cosmopolitan Greetings.
On the other hand, I paraphrase Muddy Waters, in saying that this dude wants to rock in the worst way, and that's exactly how he does it.

How to cleanse the palate after that punishing round of "Rock Obviouses", that one dude totall had some hot licks, though, yo... I say go to China, Video Game Samples (Lots and Loud), Shrinking Quarters, Lightning in Glass (you can spin it!), Gertrude Stein? Listen to Funk Mix Sessions, the pitter-patter of American casualties. Stare at the sun... I don't know.

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high honey

cnote řekl(a)...

i'm so excited that you are moving to prague. i miss pivo a whole lot.