Red Suit Will Take Over The World!

KJP will be here in a New York minute. Peep the pic page, and just wait for a million more...

Got lots of picture pages (cue Cosby muzak) in my temp folder. Let's get them out into the open... These were unexpected and good.

These aren't photos, but they make me wish that I could silkscreen T-shirts...

I also wish that I could speak Russian. I've been trolling their sites for a long time, and it would be much easier if I could decipher cyrillic.

One thing that my brother and I have in common is a post-hipster unironic admiration of 80s music... Their videos are another matter, altogether (you know what to do, Shirley).

I was looking for some recordings of Dreamies. It's some old proto-psychfolk that is talked of in hushed whispers amongst vinyl nerdlings. It seems the cat bought a recording studio, laid down some astonishing drone bizness, dropped the wax (1 epic track per side), then went back to being an accountant. I don't know if this has anything to do with him, but I like it.

Sometimes, I really miss my home. Sometimes, I read stuff like this about my hometown area...

I do miss my wax stacks.

I hear that my Detroit Tigers are halfway through a record-breakingly great season. Thinking about how that makes me feel, having been the butt of countless jokes about my Tigers apparel for years, in combination with the current world cup fever sweepingthe... well, the rest of the world reminds me of the true dignity at the core of honest athletic competition. Tigers rule, assholes.

Chabon says that the The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay movie might be moving ahead! If you haven't partaken, READ THIS BOOK... I mean it.

What else to say, but yodelling prodigy...

African albinism
. Tangentially, I think Yellowman is coming to Belgium soon.

This mag has some great artists. Check out their recommendation pages.

Staley Wise
has all the hits...

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